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Artificial Intelligence

More Than a Marketplace: The Industry’s First Interactive AI Interoperability Platform

Pragmatic Innovation

Industry Recognized and Physician Driven

An award winning and thoughtfully designed AI platform that delivers patented, interactive physician user experience.

Out of the Box Interoperability and Workflow Integration

Works alongside or within the physician’s current infrastructure including the EMR, PACS and Intuition systems*.

*Intuition AI Adaptor pending 510k clearance.

Maximized Value and Easy Upgrade Paths

Our subscription pricing and simple packaging allows hospitals to scale from one solution to many with ease based on the needs of their clinicians.

End-to-End AI Ecosystem

Elevating Your Interpretation Workflow

By honoring the physician belief system, we enable physicians to build trust in AI gradually with interaction and transparency.

technology driven interoperability

Technology Driven

Technology-driven interoperability removes the burden of manually marrying systems, studies, and results from the end-user.

Centralized access to ai

Centralized Access

Centralized access to a growing library of AI allows for ease of implementation, continuous exploration, and expansion.

Maximize artificial intelligence investments

Maximized Investments

Maximize your healthcare IT investments - leverage your current infrastructure to welcome AI into your native interpretation environment.

A Deeper Dive with AI-Driven Key Workflows

Curated specialty workflow engines leverage the best of Eureka AI, Intuition, and 3rd party algorithms.

Automated Workflows

Place physicians at an AI-derived advanced starting point for complex 3D interpretations & procedure planning

Physicians in Control

Maintain system integrity by only allowing physician reviewed and approved AI results to be archived

RSNA Spotlight Discussion: The Current State of AI Applications

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