Beyond the Screen Episode 6: Next Generation AI Companies Providing Physicians a Starting Point in AI

June 8, 2019

Welcome to the sixth episode of Beyond the Screen, a podcast that aims to spark discussion about cutting-edge and innovative technologies in the advanced visualization space. In today's episode, Kevin Landwher joins in on the conversation of artificial intelligence in healthcare with TeraRecon and EnvoyAI CEO, Jeff Sorenson and CEO Gene Saragnese of MaxQ AI. Discover how these two companies are working together to tackle difficult problems in healthcare, transform clinical workflows, and focus on the right data and questions to train algorithms and deliver superior results.

What you’ll learn in today’s episode:

  • The perspective of what it truly means to be an AI company and AI platform.
  • How MaxQ AI is reinventing the diagnostic process with AI in time sensitive, life threatening environments.
  • How EnvoyAI is working towards a zero-click approach for physicians to feel confident in their findings.
  • Recognizing the right questions to ask when training algorithms for more accurate results.
  • The value of having a powerful world-class image processing algorithm running on an extensible interoperable platform.

Join Jeff, Gene, and Kevin next time as they continue the conversation on the future of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

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