Top 5 Improvements in Intuition 4.4.13 P5

November 8, 2019

In Intuition 4.4.13.P5 there are hundreds of performance improvements, defect fixes, and feature enhancements that will provide massive benefits to our valued customers. For this reason it’s always a little difficult to pick the top 5 most important improvements. Thankfully, Intuition has always been guided by the customers and is built off continued feedback and recommendations. When the customer comes first, incredible things happen:


TeraRecon’s Intuition platform will be getting a big upgrade this year just in time for RSNA 2019. This release squashes a lot of bugs and makes some significant improvements that many of our customers have recommended – and worked with us on. It’s no surprise that every iteration of Intuition is big news and it has a lot to do with the customers that work with us to make the final product great. There is never time enough to go through every change in the software but lets take a look at the most impacted features you are likely to notice in the latest release!

Advanced TDA

The upgraded “Advanced TDA” now supports a new preference to automatically load with subtracted ventricles, which will improve the speed of the workflow. The contours of the ventricles are now cached so that when you edit them or turn them on and off they are calculated very quickly. A single click can hide the ventricles with toggle button so that they are not distracting. You can also now edit the ventricle by slice without interpolation so that every image is just the way you want it.

There have even been a few additions to the maps, which now include Mismatch (BF/Tmax) and Hypoperfusion.

TeraRecon Advanced TDA P5 iNtuition Update
TeraRecon Advanced TDA P5 iNtuition Update 2.png

Colon Flythrough Improvements

The colon flythrough workflow has been enhanced to make cine playback much smoother. With a preference toggle you can choose to hide annotations, which greatly increases playback performance. The flythrough batch wizard now displays a few extra output options including the standard output panel but also the patient list, as a separate series, and an AVI file as a movie you can save to your local machine.

TeraRecon Flythrough P5 iNtuition Update 1

The MPR cutplane VR window now has the option for a greyscale or a custom color template with default window/level values.

TeraRecon Flythrough P5 iNtuition Update 2
In previous versions of Intuition making edits on the colon before making a flythough video was tedious. Now you can use the Dynamic Region Growing (DRG) or Region of Interest (ROI) tools, which makes the process fast and easy.

TeraRecon Flythrough P5 iNtuition Update 3

Multi-Phase Improvements

The Multiphase workflow has undergone another large enhancement with tools to adjust the Max Slope (MS), Time to Peak (TTP), and Time to Enhancement (TTE), which refines the Time Intensity Curve graph.

TeraRecon Multiphase P5 iNtuition Updates

There is now a new comparison layout, which visualizes the MS, TTP, and TTE calculations and each map can be independently window/leveled. While comparing these images you can also set the entire comparison layout to show the main, axiel, coronal, or sagittal view using only a drop down menu for your selection.

TeraRecon Multiphase P5 iNtuition Update 3
TeraRecon Multiphase P5 iNtuition Update 4

Automatic Workflows

Some workflows require you do to the same thing over and over again. If you are a technologist perhaps you have to make batch images for every CT scan that comes through or perhaps you have to make a stenosis measurement on every runoff. With Intuition this kind of workflow becomes less stressful by being completely automated. You can now setup specific workflows and instructions to be run automatically. If it can use a body label from the TeraRecon APS then you can have the work done for you. If every study needs a batch then you can have that done every time with less interference.


It took the work of hundreds of people and thousands of meeting hours but the TeraRecon team finally put together the Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair (TMVR) workflow*. Customized tools designed specifically to help you quickly identify the mitral annulus makes the work particularly intuitive. Intuition can easily help you to orient the heart using the valve plane and the apex of the heart. The annulus selection tool can then help you to identify the curves in the valve and the type of shape the replacement valve should have. New measurement tools were created to calculate the Left Ventricular Outflow Track (LVOT) both before and after the replacement valve, which is then called the “Neo-LVOT.”

The Structural Heart package for Intuition is a major addition, make sure that you talk to your sales representative to get it at your institution!

** All offerings are subject to availability and regulatory clearance, which may vary by country. Please verify product statues with your local TeraRecon representative.

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