RSNA 2018 Trends

November 15, 2018

As RSNA rapidly approaches, every vendor in the market is analyzing the prior and current years’ trends. In a year marked with health system consolidation, sophisticated research and development, and growing awareness of the role of AI in health, RSNA 2018 will surely be wrought with changes in perspective from both vendors and customers alike. According to Steve Holloway from Signify Research, this year’s show will focus on efficiency, scale, and of course, AI.


Streamlining purchasing options to align with operational budgets of consolidating health systems is a major, yet subtle, theme of this year’s show. Keeping capital purchases on track with consolidating budgets is quite difficult, but the flexibility of an operational buy will help customers continue advancing during transition. This is just one of TeraRecon’s efforts to support the increasing need for efficiency that Holloway notes. Likewise, systems will also be required to produce new levels of efficiency and time savings to help with an ever-changing market. With new hardware becoming faster and more reliable every year, software will definitely be keeping up the pace. You can expect vendors to offer less down time, less repeat scans, less power consumption, and less manual preparation. 

We are bringing a wealth of efficiency gains to this year’s show. With hundreds of algorithm improvements and the power of VP CUDA, the Intuition platform will be a powerhouse to behold. The solutions TeraRecon develops are made with the close inspection of physicians that will use them in their daily workflow. Our tight clinical relationships help guide our road-map and bring advanced visualization to new frontiers.



One thing you shouldn’t expect at this year’s conference is the smattering of smaller vendors as in previous years. Health systems have been consolidating for some time now, and vendors are finally following suit. The smaller vendors that previously dotted the show floor will be much more infrequent this year, and the ones that do come back will find themselves a little short on floor space; which is being relented to the larger vendors.

With the need for solutions that scale and grow with consolidating health systems, vendors are faced with the challenge to adapt and go deeper and wider throughout an organization than ever before. The value of a solution to span across health networks and departments will be incredibly high. Systems that can accomplish scalability needs will be assets that will only increase in value as long as health systems continue sewing themselves together. “Across the Enterprise,” as one of TeraRecon’s own sales managers is fond of saying, will be a resounding trend this year as more and more vendors capitalize on the system-wide needs and consolidated budgets that come with larger health systems.


Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligenceDespite the growing popularity of Artificial Intelligence, expect this year to be a little more muted. This isn’t to say that AI won’t be present, in fact quite the opposite. AI will be abundant in every solution, big and small. The difference this year is that AI, for the most part, will be intended to augment the radiologist in their workflows by dynamically suggesting the correct tools and even guiding their eye towards problem areas in a scan. 

TeraRecon’s EnvoyAI Platform and Northstar AI Explorer deliver AI results to physicians within their natural reading environment. Northstar continues learning from the user’s preferences and begins to adjust with physician workflow over time. The power of these combined technologies is unlike anything available on the market today.

To say that we are ready for RSNA is a complete understatement. We are primed and teeming with excitement over any year in the history of our company. This is a year where we’ve hit our stride and it’s very evident in the caliber of our solutions and the feedback from our customers. We don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet with you. Book a demo to secure a dedicated time to explore all that’s new from TeraRecon.

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