TeraRecon Announces Emergency Lung AI Suite and Intuition Upgrade

by TeraRecon, on May 7, 2020 4:00:00 AM

Volume Histogram3Durham, NC: Advanced visualization and artificial intelligence leader TeraRecon today announced the release of two new lung density analysis solutions for the assessment and necessary follow-up care of COVID-19 patients.  These solutions, the Lung Density Analysis II (LDA-II) workflow for Intuition and the Emergency Lung AI Suite, provide two deployment options for rapid access to lung segmentation and quantification tools that can be applied to a wide range of lung illnesses and have been optimized to adapt to the latest disease presentation states. 

LDA-II for Intuition 

The newly released LDA-II allows TeraRecon Intuition customers to upgrade their advanced visualization systems with a custom lung workflow. By leveraging Intuition's capabilities in lung segmentation, volumetric histogram analysis, and automation, physicians quickly receive colorized densities and lung composition values that can be analyzed and quantified with little to no manual editing required LDA-II is available as a remotely installed upgrade to Intuition customers or comes included as standard functionality with a subscription to TeraRecon’s new AI-ready Intuition Titanium Suite 



Explore Our New Lung Density Workflow


Emergency Lung AI Suite 


The newly released Emergency Lung AI Suite provides fast access to lung density analysis tools across the enterprise and securely extends access to physicians working remotely. This cloud-based rapid response platform allows physicians to upload cases, anonymize patient data, process the LDA-II algorithm, and receive notification of results regardless of where they are located.  Whether in the emergency department, radiology, pulmonology, or at home, this pure cloud offering requires no installation and may be integrated to diagnostic and point-of-care solutions in minutes. The Emergency Lung AI Suite is extensible to other clinical use cases within a health system’s imaging and crisis readiness infrastructure. 

Explore Our New Emergency Lung AI Suite

TeraRecon President and CEO, Jeff Sorenson, stated "As COVID-19 makes its way across the globe, our customers are urgently connecting with us to share cases, ideas, and needs. TeraRecon responded by diverting the majority of our engineering and clinical resources to develop and release two innovative and practical solutions in just over three weeksTeraRecon designed the solutions to address the urgent crisis and a much broader view of our customers needsto deliver lasting value as an integrated part of any customers’ lung program or enterprise AI roll-outWe are committed helping our customers leverage technology to extend the reach and responsiveness of care."

To learn more about TeraRecon’s COVID-19 lung assessment solutions, visit the TeraRecon website at www.terarecon.com or email for more information at info@terarecon.com .   

The following are important statements regarding the use of TeraRecon’s Lung Density Analysis II and Emergency Lung AI Suite offerings:  

  • Volumetric histogram and lung segmentation functionality are FDA cleared features of Intuition. This functionality is not FDA cleared specifically for COVID-19. It must only be used as an aid and that final interpretation should be performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner with the appropriate training. 
  • The results should not be used for screening and the software does not provide specific disease detection and should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or treat COVID-19. 
  • This device is not indicated for the diagnosis of COVID-19 and that in vitro diagnostic testing is currently the only definitive method to diagnose COVID-19. 
  • This tool is available by specific licenses only. 
  • The default thresholds are generalized recommendations and are user adjustable. The image analysis should only be used as an aid and the final interpretation should be performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner with the appropriate training. 
  • Under the current circumstances, the COVID-19 functionality is cleared for diagnostic use in the US only.  

About TeraReconTeraRecon is a leader in medical advanced visualization and artificial intelligence solutions. Their flagship product, Intuition, is the 2020 KLAS category leader for advanced visualization. Recently acquired by SymphonyAI Group, TeraRecon is one of seven portfolio companies and is strategically focused on AI-driven innovation in healthcare. The company continues to innovate ahead of customer demand and has most recently developed sophisticated healthcare-focused artificial intelligence platform solutions unlike any in the world today. As a company with a 20-year history of innovation, TeraRecon’s mission is to continuously redefine medical advanced visualization and leverage artificial intelligence to improve patient care. Website: www.terarecon.com 

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