TeraRecon and Vizua Announce an Innovative Approach to Medical Imaging Holography at RSNA 2016

by TeraRecon, on Nov 29, 2016 9:35:02 AM

Foster City, CA – November 29, 2016: Modern radiology depends on digital imaging with increasing requirements for handling large amounts of data, intelligently and quickly. To address these needs, TeraRecon (www.terarecon.com), a leader in advanced visualization, and Vizua, a modern cloud technology provider, are pleased to announce their collaborative effort to make large-volume rendered images accessible anywhere.

At RSNA booth 7165, TeraRecon is demonstrating its 3D models rendered in the Microsoft HoloLens.  The demonstration is more about the data than the device. To achieve a real-time high-resolution experience unlike any other, TeraRecon leverages Vizua’s advanced web application technology to improve the communication between the user and the cloud.  More importantly for future products, it facilitates this fast interaction between disparate archived data stored in clouds worldwide. Compared to other technologies such as virtual machines (VM) and Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA), Vizua’s streaming platform offers a more cost-effective solution with improved performance.  This new architecture is aimed at providing TeraRecon customers with access to GPU-accelerated cloud rendering, even in non GPU-enabled clouds. 

TeraRecon president and CEO, Jeff Sorenson said “With Vizua’s background in the gaming industry and their expertise in moving large amounts of data over low-performance networks, they are well versed in solving the challenges of image transfer and accessibility.  This technology is highly relevant to our current customer base because it provides a path to leverage our new VP CUDA rendering technology in cloud-based implementations.”

"We are very pleased to partner with TeraRecon,’’ says Sylvain Ordureau, co-founder and CEO of Vizua. “TeraRecon and Vizua will develop smarter, more reliable and faster cloud-centric imaging technologies. They will optimize the radiological workflow and dramatically reduce the amount of user interaction and repetitive work required in today’s reading room."

About Vizua (www.vizua3D.com)
Vizua develops technology for the modern cloud. Vizua’s cloud application platform can host any application and enables GPU-accelerated performance streamed to customers using standard HTML5 with significantly reduced cost compared to other solutions. The 3D suite from Vizua integrates with Vizua cloud technologies, and offers a full range of features for 3D/VR/AR applications. Vizua is a privately held company based in Seattle, WA and was founded by industry veterans in technology and business.

About TeraRecon (www.terarecon.com
TeraRecon is the largest independent, vendor neutral medical image viewing solution provider with a focus on advanced image processing innovation.  TeraRecon iNtuition and iNteract+ solutions advance the accessibility, performance, clinical functionality and medical imaging workflow throughout many areas of the healthcare ecosystem. The company provides world class advanced visualization 3D post-processing tools, as well as a spectrum of enterprise medical image viewing, diagnostic interpretation, image sharing, interoperability and collaboration solutions.  TeraRecon is a privately-held company with its world headquarters in Foster City, California with major offices in Acton, MA, Durham, NC, Frankfurt, Germany and Tokyo, Japan.

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