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  • Strategic flexibility. The architecture of your enterprise image viewing solutions will end up defining the success and impact of your projects.
  • Morphable viewer. It’s a different approach that allows you to deploy a single solution, designed by a truly vendor-neutral and highly expert imaging partner. It can extend its value from simple reference viewing to high-end advanced post-processing.
  • EMR image enablement. Some might attempt to just image-enable their EMR with many different PACS viewers. But you can reduce interface costs and create a more unified clinical experience by integrating our universal viewer across these disparate systems.
  • Enterprise 3D integration. We provide integration support for most major PACS systems to provide integrated access to advanced visualization capabilities, whether these are driven by the 3rd party RIS, PACS or the voice reporting solution. The more the better, actually, because these integration hooks are included with the system.
  • Archive interfaces. Providing rapid access to your image data requires modern interfaces to your Vendor Neutral Archive and PACS archives. We can support a variety of important DICOM and non-DICOM communications methodologies such as WADO, MINT and federated queries.
  • One layer. Incredible Things Happen™ when you layer one medical imaging viewer across your enterprise.

TeraRecon can help eliminate the patchwork of legacy systems and provide your organization with an affordable and phased approach toward achieving your long-term enterprise imaging goals.

Give us a seat at the strategy table. Let’s work together to design a system that embraces the technology investments that you have already made, and positions your organization for the future.

We have the team and the technology to get the job done and we promise to make it simpler than you might think.

customer highlight:

Dr. Norbert Wilke 
Radiologisches Zentrum Hoechstadt

Find out why Dr. Wilke selected TeraRecon's vendor neutral viewing solution to manage his imaging data across various locations in the enterprise.

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