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You are responsible for bringing great technology solutions to life. You have to find ways to do more, work faster and accommodate the rapid pace of change in healthcare, and especially radiology, today. To deliver results, you need flexible technology and responsive vendor partners.

  • Multi-PACS 3D. Rather than purchasing advanced visualization from your PACS vendor, we can provide a solution that you can use across many PACS systems. Most importantly, you can protect your investment and use iNtuition alongside any new PACS systems. We provide an impressive range of standard integration capabilities for use by our customers.
  • Strategic independence. You are considering your options and making constant course corrections to help your physicians and technologists work efficiently. After many years of being faced with vendor inflexibility, you need new options. TeraRecon is not only a leader in advanced visualization, but it is an innovator that is truly vendor-agnostic. The best way to put an end to the myriad of stand-alone workstations and disparate PACS 3D workflows is to implement a single solution that you can control, physicians prefer and that you can keep.
  • Workflow Innovation. Our iNtuition advanced visualization system is used by some of the largest and most prestigious radiology groups and 3D labs in the world. Intuition workflow templates help technologists standardize their work steps and physicians to easily review work output and access iNtuition functionality with ease.
  • Truly Scalable. It’s unfortunate that most of the scanner manufacturer’s still sell workstations. It’s a testament to just how difficult it is for a company to deliver all of its functionality on a server-based system. Sure, there are many server systems out there, which are promoted by scanner vendors and PACS companies, but you can expect some serious caveats regarding how many concurrent users can really do “advanced” visualization. Look carefully under the hood, because even enterprise server-based solutions often require an entire server for each advanced user. It doesn’t matter if these are virtual or physical servers. If you need one server per user, then the computing environment becomes too expensive and cumbersome to scale. Other vendors might in fact use only one server, but they commonly recommend 5 or less concurrent users, and they indicate that performance might suffer. Our iNtuition architecture is entirely server based and is designed for scalability. We can support scores of advanced users, throughout multi-hospital and multi-PACS health systems. We do all this with a few inches of rack space in your datacenter.

iNtuition provides clinicians with an impressive array of clinical tools. More tools means more value.

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sÉbastien saintgerman 
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PÔle santÉ les fleurs, france

Learn why the 2nd largest private hospital group in France chose TeraRecon's imaging solution to manage its high volume data while connecting to all its modalities.  

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