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Specialty Clinical Workflow Capabilities

Insight driven decision support - at the point of care

Turning Medical Imaging into Great Medicine

Highly optimized specialty-care workflows informing and preparing
the patient health care team to act.

A single physician-centric care-activating platform

Expand the value of medical imaging beyond the walls of radiology and cardiology and put it into the hands of your specialists and image intensivists.

Making Hard
Things, Easier

Use advanced visualization, artificial intelligence and specialized workflows to tackle the most challenging patient care scenarios.

Expanding your
Circle of Care

Are you a smaller hospital wondering how to expand capabilities? A large center of excellence wanting to build synergies in the community? TeraRecon can make it happen.

A Proven Approach
to Realizing a ROI

Everything that you need to ensure your investment is quicker to first value, easier to plan for and can take advantage of future clinical innovation

Because personalized medicine also means personalizing it to the
physician, in radiology, and at the point of care.

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