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TeraRecon Awarded Landmark Patent for Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Reporting with AI

by TeraRecon, on Nov 29, 2020 6:00:00 AM

New allowance includes continuous synchronization of AI findings between the image interpretation viewer, physician, and diagnostic report.

November 29th, 2020 - Durham, NC: TeraRecon, the leading provider of AI-driven advanced visualization solutions, has been awarded an expansion of their patent-protected AI interoperability platform. Now encompassing an interactive, bi-directional, AI-informed reporting experience, this innovation utilizes physician activity and the work of a plurality of AI algorithms for the auto-generation of accurate, consistent, and actionable clinical reports.

This latest award recognizes and protects the innovation by extending the physician’s AI oversight to go beyond just a static view of the AI output to a fully interrogable and bi-directional interpretation experience within a pre-populated report. Physicians may be notified of unresolved findings to determine inclusion in the report. Further, this innovation unlocks unrealized value from the physician’s current reporting function to support downstream activities such as patient cohort selection, clinical report derived actions, care coordination, peer review, and optimization of the EHR.

“Healthcare is consistently striving for higher standards of performance and care – however, AI alone will not move the needle,” comments Jeff Sorenson, TeraRecon CEO. “How AI inputs are accessed, interacted with, and included in a physician’s diagnostic interpretation will require more than a unique algorithm application.” Sorenson continues, “For the clinician and their patients, this patent represents real forethought for AI insights to be integrated into workflows, trusted by the physician, and leveraged throughout an organization.”

TeraRecon has recently invested in expanding its relationships with PACS and other clinical solution partners, designing the next generation of advanced imaging workflows. These protected technologies are specifically designed to empower the customer’s existing PACS, archives, and EHR to deliver transformative imaging workflows that leverage real-world data and actionable insights to improve clinical outcomes. The full range of protected ideas and additional disclosures made in these TeraRecon AI patents can be accessed here.

TeraRecon’s end-to-end AI ecosystem, including the Eureka AI Results Explorer, AI interoperability platform, and Intuition™ advanced visualization technologies will be exhibited during the upcoming Radiological Society of North America’s 2020 Annual Scientific Virtual Session from Sunday, November 29th – Saturday, December 5th.

About TeraRecon: TeraRecon is a leader in medical advanced visualization and artificial intelligence solutions. Their flagship product, Intuition, is the 2020 KLAS category leader for advanced visualization and holds the number one market share for US 3D imaging. Recently acquired by SymphonyAI Group, TeraRecon is one of seven portfolio companies and is strategically focused on AI-driven innovation in healthcare. The company continues to innovate ahead of customer demand and has most recently developed sophisticated healthcare-focused artificial intelligence platform solutions unlike any in the world today. As a company with a 20-year history of innovation, TeraRecon’s mission is to continuously redefine medical advanced visualization by leveraging artificial intelligence to improve patient care.
Website: www.terarecon.com

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