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TeraRecon User Manuals

Many of our latest user documents are available to download in PDF format. Please select your desired manual version from the dropdown below.

TeraRecon, Inc. provides quick and easy access to Electronic User Manuals (also referred to as Instructions for Use or IFU) online and within TeraRecon Medical Device Software as an alternative to printed User Manuals. The Electronic User Manual for TeraRecon Medical Device Software can be found at http://www.terarecon.com/user-manuals.  The Electronic User Manual within TeraRecon Medical Device Software can be viewed by clicking the “About”, “Help”, or “?” links within the software. The Electronic User Manuals online and within TeraRecon Medical Device Software are in PDF format and are supported by all browsers and compatible with the current Adobe Reader found at www.adobe.com. Electronic user manuals embedded within product software are supported by the same hardware and software that is required for the product. The contents within Electronic User Manual on website and within Medical Device Software are the same as hard copy User Manuals.

The Electronic User Manual may be revised from time to time, and updated on the website as well as within the TeraRecon Medical Device Software. TeraRecon customers may request a hardcopy of the User Manual at no cost and may receive the User Manual within seven (7) days of the request.

For technical assistance or to request a printed copy of the Electronic User Manuals, please contact TeraRecon Customer Service at 1-877-996-0100 or email us at support@terarecon.com.

If you have any questions that are not answered in your user guide, our Customer Service department can be reached between 8:30 am EDT to 8:30 pm EDT, Monday through Friday, at the following toll-free number: 1 (877) 996-0100. You can also email: support@terarecon.com or call our 24-hour Emergency toll-free number at (617) 424-9405. Our International Customer Service team can be reached at the following number: 1 (650) 653-4290 (U.S.).

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