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System-wide AI in Clinical Context

Industry Recognized & Physician Driven

An award winning and thoughtfully designed AI platform that delivers a patented, interactive physician user experience.

Maximize Your Investments

Leverage your existing imaging IT infrastructure to welcome AI into your interpretation environment. Works alongside or within the physician’s current clinical workflows including the EMR, PACS and Intuition systems.

Empower Your Physicians

Deliver access to the best algorithms available while maintaining control of what persists in the patient record. Physicians can accept, reject, or adjust findings before they are sent to PACS or the EMR.

TeraRecon Awarded Three Foundational AI Platform Patents

These patents protect technologies central to how healthcare providers will consume, integrate, and adopt AI algorithms into their medical imaging interpretation workflows.

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TeraRecon AI Ecosystem

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Leverage Data & User Preferences To Enrich The Clinical Experience

With the Eureka AI Results Explorer, you can prioritize physician control over what interaction data are collected, which AI findings are persisted in the database and/or moved to the report, and which images are stored in the PACS or VNA. Provide seamless access from any PACS or EMR through an integrated, contextual and embedded launch.
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An AI output panel that provides a dashboard view of AI findings with the ability to automate preferred actions.

Patented capabilities to confirm, reject and adjust AI algorithm outputs earns the trust of physicians while experimenting with novel forms of AI content.

Run a multitude of algorithms, as part of a single AI experience, whereby the output of an algorithm can serve as the input to another algorithm.

The widest range of clinical use cases and algorithm types both inside and outside of radiology.


Elevate Your Interpretation Workflow

By honoring the physician belief system, you can enable your physicians to build trust in AI gradually with interaction and transparency.

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Improve Utilization & Physician Satisfaction

Reduce the learning curve and increase adoption with our intuitive UI/UX.  Provide physicians with complete tool sets or clear workspaces based on their preferences and interpretation workflows. 

Turn Daily Work Into AI Training Data

Everyday use of our advanced visualization tools creates labeled data that is incredibly useful for the creation of new or improved AI.  Make the most of daily post-processing work by extracting labeled studies and converting them into valuable training data. 

Improve Care Quality & Outcomes

Clinical context and decision support tools give physicians the data needed to deliver personalized, high-quality care.  Access AI-driven imaging insights across the health system to give each patient the best possible care coordination. 

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Easily Leverage Algorithms from Premium AI Providers

Access to the entire Eureka ecosystem of validated, best-of-breed Eureka Ready 3rd party AI.

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Ready to Start your AI Journey?

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