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At TeraRecon, our mission is to continuously innovate ahead of the market demand, to provide solutions that influence clinical care across health organizations by empowering physicians with better access to medical images and clinical decision support tools. As a partner with its customers, TeraRecon helps to consolidate many medical imaging projects and reduce costs. We will continue to lead the advanced visualization industry and incorporate these world-class image post processing tools into the next-generation of medical image viewing, interpretation, sharing and collaboration solutions.

TeraRecon Culture
TeraRecon Employees
TeraRecon Employees at SIRM

Our Culture

TeraRecon thrives on sincere engagement and partnership with its customers. As an innovator, we believe in the value of ideation. Often, we solve problems by looking at them differently. Listening intently to our customers and investing in ideas early ensures that we create differentiated solutions and services that continuously evolve. Our high-energy, diverse and collaborative work environment provides our employees with a greater degree of empowerment and more opportunities for professional development. Our people and our policies ensure that we foster a unique personal connection and commitment between our company and its customers.

Lindsey Fleming and Mark McGrath TeraRecon
TeraRecon Employee
TeraRecon Radiolor visit
“This is an exciting time to work at TeraRecon. Everyone’s energy and drive to take the company to the next level is incredible.”
LINDSAY FLEMING | Director of Marketing
“TeraRecon’s career development program allowed me to gain hands on professional experience while working alongside influential and innovative individuals that positively inspired personal growth, leadership development, and knowledge expansion.”
ALESSANDRO AITA | Sales Development Program Associate
“Working with such a professional and dedicated development team makes it easy to take on the challenge of designing TeraRecon's future innovations. Big opportunities are on the horizon and it's exciting to have a hand in creating our new solutions.”
THOMAS SANTONJA | Applications Development Manager
“We have a professional yet friendly work environment. We often have great company events that help colleagues to bond and build strong team comradery as well as lasting personal friendships outside of work.”
EVELYN ZAMORA | Receptionist/Customer Service Assistant
“Being a product manager at TeraRecon means being part of the company's future. TeraRecon's innovative solutions have led the market since its earliest days and continue to do so with the enterprise imaging platform. TeraRecon's broad viewing portfolio allows me to work across the clinical, IT, and strategy realms of healthcare organizations and make clear impact on organizational workflow and outcomes.”
GAEL KUHN | Product Manager
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