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Strengthen Your Cardiac CT & MR Workflow Skills with these Tips & Tricks

Strengthen Your Cardiac CT & MR Workflow Skills with These Tips & Tricks_Resource PageWhether you’re new to Intuition, a veteran user who wants to see if there are other ways to optimize usage of the tools, or researching solutions, this webinar is for you. The systems you work in daily are highly complex and evolve continuously to help make your workflows more efficient. In turn, the training you originally received may have developed a more straightforward approach. This webinar will provide a deeper dive into Intuition’s Cardiac CT and MR workflow capabilities.

TeraRecon Lead Clinical Success Manager, Eduard Gaspar, will show useful tips & tricks in Cardiac CT and MR workflows which will help the user expand their knowledge and leverage their skills to achieve desired outcomes in day to day practice and in more advanced types of scenarios.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • 3D Template Upload and Utilization in 3D VR rendering
  • Cine Valves Video Recording
  • Workflow Elements Steps Modification
  • Useful Layout Options
  • Rotate Viewport
  • Link to 3D
  • Vessel Walking (Coronaries)
  • Cardiac MR LV/RV Ejection Fraction Editing Tools
  • Cardiac MR LV/RV Functional Workflow Options
  • And Much More.
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