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Tips & Tricks: How to Increase Efficiency & Reduce Frustration

TeraRecon Insiders Series Webinar_Tips & Tricks How to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Frustration _ Resources Page MonitorWhether you’re new to Intuition, a veteran user who wants to see if there are other ways to optimize usage of the tools, or researching solutions, this webinar is for you. The systems you work in daily are highly complex and evolve continuously to help make your workflows more efficient. In turn, the training you originally received may have developed a more straightforward approach. This webinar will provide a deeper dive into Intuition’s segmentation and measurement tools and capabilities, along with some basic education on advancements to our system.

TeraRecon Sr. Director of Customer Success Management, Rebecca McDade, will show you some of her favorite tips and tricks and how to leverage these tools to achieve your desired advanced visualization outcomes faster, easier, and with fewer steps than you imagined possible.

Here are some of the detailed topics you’ll learn about:

  • Frequent bone removal mistakes and cleanup
  • Overcoming common centerline issues – breaking the tree, deleting options, and bifurcation issues
  • Auto, manual, and freehand options for Dynamic Region Grow
  • Understanding Free ROI freehand, circle, and sphere options along with VOI cutting
  • And much more.

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