Top 10 Improvements in iNtuition 4.4.13

  1. MR-TVA & Perfusion - usability & layout improvements; tools streamlined & easier to use.
  2. CMR-2D Flow - many enhancements including loading multi-slice/ easy-to-use multi-phase with phase recognition & comparisons.
  3. Bone Removal for head & neck - continuation of improvements and refinement for carotids, COW, etc.- for single energy or dual energy.
  4. Sphere Finder - now segments findings using contours, versus only sphere, for precise measurements.
  5. Calcium scoring for TAVR - now an integrated part of the TAVR workflow.
  6. Calcium Scoring - now available for contrast and non-contrast images utilizing a threshold tool.
  7. Multiphase - New to iNtuition client, helpful for clinical review of breast or prostate MRI, including wash in/wash our curves, parametric maps, time-density curves & ability to batch within iNtuition client. Thin Client will still be available if needed.
  8. Vertebral Labeling - Select vertebra and click to label; remainder will be automatically labeled.
  9. VP CUDA - performance improvements for image loading.
  10. UI cleanup - new updated user interface with multiple enhancements to usability; ability to customize the toolbar.