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Who is TeraRecon?

TeraRecon is a leader in advanced visualization, artificial intelligence, image viewing, and post-processing. 

Industry Leader

Our flagship product, iNtuition, consistently leads the advanced visualization category of the industry’s leading independent technology analyst. 


Looking Forward

We are redefining advanced visualization by leveraging artificial intelligence, and to improve radiology workflow through personalized automation features.

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Advanced Visualization

iNtuition offers advanced 3D and 4D medical imaging post-processing. TeraRecon is widely considered the gold standard in cardiac and vascular imaging.

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VP Cuda

4 to 20-times improved performance of the industry leading VolumePro® ASIC-based rendering technology.

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Northstar AI Explorer

The Northstar AI Explorer is the world's first AI results explorer born of pure artificial intelligence DNA.

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3D Printing

We  have extended our capability to the 3D printing world with remarkably real models that are both accessible and affordable.

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TeraRecon in the News

TeraRecon Spinoff EnvoyAI Named Best New Radiology Vendor in 2018 Minnies Awards

This year's winner for Best New Radiology Vendor is focused on addressing one of the biggest barriers to the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology: the difficulty in getting algorithms in the hands of radiologists for use within their daily workflow.

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TeraRecon Showcases HoloPortal at Premier Inc.’s Annual Breakthroughs Conference

TeraRecon’s HoloPortalTM is one of the medical innovations that was showcased in front of thousands of healthcare providers at Premier Inc.’s 2018 Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition on June 19.

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WHAT’S NEW? iNtuition 4.4.13 - Cardiac Enhancements

If you’re a cardiologist that works with iNtuition or are thinking about making a switch from another platform then you should absolutely check out the new cardiac and vascular feature enhancements in iNtuition 4.4.13. 

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Webinar on Demand: How AI Is Changing Medical Imaging

Explore how AI and ML are changing medical imaging, how to increase adoption of AI and the path to a successful implementation & much more!
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Customer Stories

Thousands of institutions across 74 countries trust us to deliver the best solutions for advanced visualization and artificial intelligence.

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Active Client Software Access Points
“The most important thing that sets TeraRecon apart is the ease of use. It all comes down to the interface. Many of the software solutions for 3D post processing have comparable engines working beneath the surface for segmentation for ray-casting, but it is really the interface that makes or breaks any particular client.”
Dr. Michael Winkler

Dr. Michael Winkler
Associate Professor of Radiology and Cardiology at the University of Kentucky

“I have been working with TeraRecon for more than 15 years. I have seen the transformation of TeraRecon from a simple viewer now, where we can do a lot of high level quantitative analysis. TeraRecon allow us to analyze the case and plan the procedure much more quickly and the web solution allows us to be able to access it from anywhere. ”
Dr. Michael Poon Chief of Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging at Lenox Hill Hospital

Dr. Michael Poon
Chief of Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging at Lenox Hill Hospital

“TeraRecon is an excellent product. We put a lot of demands on the system because of our unique situation of being extremely high-volume, requiring rapid turn-around times, and requiring consistency. TeraRecon has provided us with a stable platform and a robust offering of services that we can beat up on and really push to the limits.”
Dr. Robert Falk Neural Radiologist and Founder of 3DR Laboratories

Dr. Robert Falk
Neural Radiologist and Founder, Chief Medical Office, and Board of Directors Member of 3DR Laboratories 


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