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iNtuition 4.4.13


Experience 4 to 20-times improved performance with all-new VP CUDA .

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Top 10 Improvements in iNtuition 4.4.13

Version 4.4.13 of iNtuition brings over 175 new feature and workflow enhancements to our best-in-class advanced visualization platform.

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Who is TeraRecon?

We are the largest independent, vendor neutral medical image viewing solution provider with a focus on advanced image processing innovation.

We provide world class advanced visualization 3D post-processing tools, as well as a spectrum of enterprise medical image viewing, diagnostic interpretation, image sharing, interoperability and collaboration solutions. TeraRecon iNtuition and iNteract+ solutions advance the accessibility, performance, clinical functionality and medical imaging workflow throughout many areas of the healthcare ecosystem.

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Pacs Admin

One partner. Many possibilities.

We understand. Two of the main objectives that you have for managing medical images are to eliminate systems and standardize access throughout the organization. We can be a catalyst to help you achieve these goals at a lower cost and with a faster time to value. In fact, we are a great partner because we are truly vendor-neutral and our solutions are powerful enough and yet simple enough to be extended to places where many others cannot.

CIO Solutions

Images and Information in Tandem

Reliability required. Our unified and yet flexible viewing technology offers the ability to adapt to the specific needs of your department while bridging the workflow gaps which are common to multi-specialty imaging workflows. We've designed our solutions with the speed and interoperability you need to work with the systems you own and to prepare your organization for the future. We offer integrations for VNA, HIE, RIS, PACS and other interfaces to make it possible. Of course, we are a world-leader in advanced visualization tools, too. We can bring it all together in ways few vendors can, to make sure physicians are happy and all systems are go.

IT Solutions

Imaging Made Accessible

Patients first. You're likely juggling multiple imaging systems that you need for different reasons. But they are often not really necessary. We can add powerful and automated advanced visualization tools that work across your PACS systems, and within many of your most advanced specialty imaging areas. We can then extend this viewer to the far reaches of your health system to ensure that clinicians have access to a simple, secure and smart medical image viewer.

Clinician Solutions

Efficient Imaging Infrastructure

Enhance productivity. The work never stops and your physicians rely on their PACS systems to interpret studies quickly and accurately. TeraRecon can provide integrated advanced visualization tools that work across multiple disparate PACS systems to provide a unified set of 2D, 3D and 4D decision support tools. Today, we can even provide a viewing layer that augments PACS systems for teleradiology and other cross-platform interpretation needs. We can provide a vendor-neutral, enterprise-capable solution that empowers the systems you own today to do more and provides you a new technology alternative to the PACS and VNA alone.

PACS Solutions

Imaging with Impact

Advanced Visualization

We can help you end the cycle of bouncing between advanced visualization systems. Whether you are physician specialist who prepares the studies yourself, or you are a technologist preparing studies for interpretation, our iNtuition system can be tailored to you.

Universal Viewing

Our customers often wonder how they ended up with so many medical image viewers and yet they still don’t have easy access to images. EMR Meaningful Use made it a priority, but it is the advent of web viewers like iNtuition iEMV that made it simple, mobile and impactful.

Overlay PACS™ Viewing

Most large health systems have 12 to 17 PACS systems. Some physicians don’t even have one. We can fix either problem. We promise to work with you in partnership to provide better access


iNtuition Cloud is used by individuals and industry partners alike. We don’t put images in the cloud just so you can look at them. We put them there so you can process them. By providing access to the power of iNtuition and the convenience of our cloud computing, you can share and prepare images from anywhere*.
* Cloud is not to be used for clinical diagnostic procedures as a medical device.

Image Sharing

We know that you really need to eliminate patients’ CD’s from your imaging workflow. They are time-consuming, inefficient and they slow down patient care. Finally, there is way to get started with better image sharing workflow.


Sometimes you just need a few pieces of information to go along with your images. If you want to match information with images, then you need interoperability. iNteract+ is powered by standards based communications that can work alongside iNtuition viewers to create an informed viewing experience.

TeraRecon support personnel have been extraordinarily pro-active in making sure we are maximizing our workflow in a strenuous and complex workload environment. Having trained over 400 cardiologists and radiologists to understand the thorax using this software, I recommend TeraRecon to anyone deploying these complex services in their healthcare enterprise and looking to harness the diagnostic power of advanced imaging."

DR. MOHIT BHASIN | Director, Sentara Heart & Vascular, Norfolk, VA

"In 2009, our cardiology practice became a part of a large healthcare system, including a hospital with excellent cardiology and CV surgery services. As our imaging needs have grown, TeraRecon has continued to provide solutions that meet those needs. Today, we employ a system of multiple servers that integrates image processing and display at five hospitals and clinics within our healthcare system."

JIM OWEN | CT Manager, The Heart Center, Huntsville, AL

"Our main goal was to install one solution capable of connecting to all our modalities - CTs, MRs, X-ray systems, and even more when we think of non-DICOM images. TeraRecon was the only vendor to offer the advanced 3D clinical tools as well as sharing tools for our cardiology and vascular images, and these represent the main activities of our group. TeraRecon was the only solution with such a broad range of advanced tools for these specialties."

SÉBASTIEN SAINT GERMAIN | Pôle Santé Les Fleurs, Toulon, France

"Along with products that are second to none, the people of TeraRecon are equally impressive. The product representatives are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. On the product support side, the engineers and applications representatives have been very helpful when needed. Thanks to TeraRecon for being a great partner."

JIM OWEN | CT Manager, The Heart Center, Huntsville, AL

"When a physician’s office calls and asks for images, a link to the images is sent out even before they hang up. It has eliminated the need for hard media."

DAVE MAGNATERRA | Kettering Health Network, Ohio - U.S.

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Success Spotlight : Dr. Jean-Hugues Tourrette | France

What Prompted You to Seek a Solution from TeraRecon?

Why Did You Select TeraRecon for Your Project?

How Have You Benefitted From Working with TeraRecon?

What is Most Impressive about Our Systems?

What is Most Impressive about Our Team?

What Would You Say to a Prospect Trying to Decide Whether or Not to Select Terarecon?

“ Our main goal was to unify our tools and enhance the clinical experience. I looked to TeraRecon because I wanted a user-friendly solution which allowed us to leverage our existing IT infrastructure and all of our current CTs, MRI and other scanners to help us improve productivity by utilizing one simple system. ”

“ We chose TeraRecon because their solution fulfilled several of our main objectives:

  • The first objective was financial consolidating on the right tools reduces costs in the long run.
  • The second objective was to increase productivity by eliminating the time required to switch between different systems that have different workflows and varied reading habits as we moved around from one vendor workstation to another.
  • The third objective was to enhance our overall workflow flexibility and fluidity throughout our work day, which we’ve achieved thanks to the ability to access TeraRecon from many places and to leverage this technology’s efficient workflows. ”

“ We see a difference working with TeraRecon. The main benefit is that we are less tired after being on call, because we now work from one master viewing tool on all our stations and we are more productive. ”

“ What I really appreciate when using TeraRecon tools is the solution’s ease-of-use and consistency as I now have my own intuitive workflow, wherever I am working. ”

“ I particularly appreciate the dynamic nature of TeraRecon team, their understanding and their capacity to quickly respond to any issue we may face. ”

“ If a potential TeraRecon customer comes to me today, I would recommend that they carefully analyze their IT architecture, clarify their specific workflow needs and consider the long-term scalability requirements of their systems. That’s what we did and everything is running perfectly for us so far! ”

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