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Eureka AI Results Explorer™ is the World's First AI Results Explorer Born of Pure Artificial Intelligence DNA
*Eureka AI Results Explorer is currently for clinical use in the U.S. Only

What is an AI content-enabled medical imaging console?

What does the Eureka AI Results Explorer do?

What is the Eureka AI Results Explorer?

What is a content-enabled medical imaging console?

Never before has there been a way to view and interact with AI results, as well as train your own reading workflow to become smarter and more efficient - now there is. Built from the ground up on patented state-of-the-art technology stack, TeraRecon's Eureka AI Results Explorer™ is the culmination of many man-years of effort. It is an AI content-enabled medical imaging console which stands to revolutionize the way physicians incorporate the galaxy of third party AI machines into their PACS and reading workflows.

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What does Eureka AI Results Explorer do?

Eureka AI Results Explorer allows physicians to explore and interact with results produced by artificial intelligence algorithms directly within their reading workflow. Physicians maintain control by accepting, rejecting, adjusting and archiving AI results in existing imaging infrastructure in alignment with medical best practices.

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What is the Eureka AI Results Explorer?

The Eureka AI Results Explorer places the incredible AI engines developers are creating into the research and clinical care path, allowing physicians to explore with different algorithms while still controlling what results become part of the permanent record.

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TeraRecon successfully completes FDA regulatory review of its Eureka AI Results Explorer, for which the technology and the determination are both firsts-of-kind in the medical imaging industry.  Learn More

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Eureka AI Results Explorer Implementation at Wake Radiology, Raleigh, North Carolina

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