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Simplifying the commercialization, distribution and implementation of AI.

AI Interoperability

Eureka Clinical AI is the world’s first AI interoperability platform and marketplace. With simple ways to containerize, test, and deploy algorithms, putting AI into your interpretation workflow has never been easier.


Physician Control

Our goal is to empower physicians by providing access to the best algorithms available while maintaining control of what persists in the patient record. Physicians can accept, reject, or adjust findings before they are sent to PACS.

Awarded Auntminnie's Best New Radiology Vendor Of 2018

Eureka Clinical AI Workflow

Intelligent Clinical Interaction in a Seamless Integrated Worfkflow

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Work Better, Faster, & Smarter

Powerful Platform

Access to current & future AI applications with a single installation.

Secure Local Access

Opt for an Eureka Clinical AI Inference Appliance to run AI applications locally.

Instant Cloud Implementation

Validate machines on your own data with easy access to an extensive library of premium AI Machines.

Unleash Internal Innovation

Deliver AI machines developed at your institution to providers in days, not years.

Open Communication Interface

Connect to your clinical systems and create seamless workflows using Eureka Clinical AI RESTful APIs.

HIPAA Compliant

Keep your data on-site or de-identify before sending it to the Eureka Clinical AI Inference Cloud.

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Premium AI Providers

Featuring over 38 premium AI partners, more than 82 machines, and over 22 FDA cleared algorithms, Eureka Clinical AI is the largest AI Marketplace.  

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What Our Customers are Saying


Integrating to the Eureka Clinical AI platform allows Insignia to more quickly and broadly execute on our goal of providing the most advanced functionality on the market to our end users. The integration provides instant access to premium AI directly as part of a cohesive end-user experience - expanding how we add value for our customers within a single, powerful interface.

- Jon Hall, Chief Technology Officer, Insignia Medical Systems

Because algorithms work differently and each of them has different inputs and outputs, my radiologists would otherwise have to have a different way of working with each one. The Eureka AI Results Explorer solves this problem by providing a simple and consistent way that our physicians work with the output of algorithms from many sources, and adapting itself to their personal preferences.

- Matt Dewey, Chief Information Officer of Wake Radiology

With access to the Eureka Clinical AI platform, via the Insignia RISP and Insignia PACS systems, we make it possible for clinicians to work locally and to collaborate with AI innovations across entire U.K. regions. Insignia client locations are home to tens of thousands of clinicians that are now able to experience the Eureka Clinical AI platform and access its full range of AI algorithms alongside the impressive Insignia PACS integration and workflow capabilities.

- Richard Dormer, Managing Director of Insignia

We were the first in the nation to install the Eureka Clinical AI platform. It was a very simple process. There wasn't much work on our side to make it work. We are also deploying the Eureka AI Results Explorer Viewer. This viewer is a way of taking all these algorithms and making the output easy for the radiologist. The radiologist doesn't need to know how the different algorithms work, the Eureka AI Results Explorer Viewer takes care of it for them. 

- Matt Dewey, Chief Information Officer at Wake Radiology
- Bill Way, Chief Medical Officer at Wake Radiology

This interoperability partnership gives healthcare providers in the Ambra network access to bleeding edge AI technology for advanced image visualization, providing the very latest technological innovations to continually improve patient outcomes and care.

- Andrew Duckworth, VP of Business Development of Ambra Health

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