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Empowering Innovation

Benefits for
Commercial Developers

Rapid Distribution

Quickly deliver your machine to hospitals and end users in just days NOT years

Revenue Sharing

Keep the majority of the revenue generated by your machine

Regulatory Review

Ensure your products and claims align with the requirements of global regulatory bodies 

Benefits for
All Developers

IP Protection

Safeguard your work using our API by sharing machines without exposing code or training data

Free Cloud Account

Develop, test, and share access to machines on the platform for free

Version Control

Maintain quality control by only publishing validated versions of your machines

Benefits for
Research Developers

Share Innovations

Distribute research algorithms throughout your organization for testing and validation

Data Protection

Run algorithms locally or in our secure cloud to protect patient data & privacy

Data Extractor

Leverage historical and day forward Intuition advanced visualization files as valuable labeled training data

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Partner Stories

"It's great to have the TeraRecon team as a partner to lift the workflow engine off of our backs, to bring a seamlessly into the marketplace, to provide that bi-directional communication. The bi-directional nature of your platform allows us to be very selective about the data that we are collecting, potentially based on the physician feedback."

Gene Saragnese
CEO of MaxQ AI

"Because algorithms work differently and each of them has different inputs and outputs, my radiologists would otherwise have to have a different way of working with each one. The Eureka AI Results Explorer solves this problem by providing a simple and consistent way that our physicians work with the output of algorithms from many sources, and adapting itself to their personal preferences."

Matt Dewey
Chief Information Officer of Wake Radiology

"This interoperability partnership gives healthcare providers in the Ambra network access to bleeding edge AI technology for advanced image visualization, providing the very latest technological innovations to continually improve patient outcomes and care."

Andrew Duckworth
VP of Business Development of Ambra Health

"My team has complimented how technology savvy the solution is and fully integrated solution with the reading workflow. With our partnership with TeraRecon, we now have an integration into the clinical workflow which will lead to broader adoption. We knew that we were going to partner with a winning team."

Susan Wood

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