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Includes the performance and quality (VM) of CUDA GPU's, including 4-20X faster image processing vs. VolumePro

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Full Intuition Clinical Tools

 Includes the latest updates for Advanced TDA, Colon Flythrough Improvements, Multi-Phase Improvements, Auto Workflows and TMVR

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Structural Heart and Vascular Program

Structural Heart and Vascular Program Ready: TAVR, TMVR***, EVAR, and AAA

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AI Empowered

Includes Intuition AI Adaptor* for use with the Eureka AI Platform

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Lung Density Workflow for COVID-19

Fast access to lung quantification results and tissue characterization

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Watch the Lung Density Analysis II Workflow in Action
Watch the Lung Density Analysis II Workflow in Action

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Full Intuition Clinical Tools

The Titanium Suite provides you a complete range of multi-specialty tools and modality-specific workflows. Explore the features included in the Titanium Suite. 



Provides an advanced pre-processing engine designed to provide 2D batch output which enables reformation of image data into alternative planes or the creation of movies.

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body fusion-2

Body Fusion

Supports volume registration and fusion for alignment and comparison of 2D and 3D images from two or more CT, MR, PET, or SPECT data sets for anatomical reference and quantitative study.

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ct body-1

CT Body

Allows Radiologists to perform a comprehensive review and analysis of the organs in the abdomen and pelvis region. 

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ct cardiac (2)

CT Cardiac

A simplified approach to complex cardiac analysis & quantification, enabling a Radiologist or Cardiologist to analyze coronary vessels with zero-click centerline creation & extraction.

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ct chest-1

CT Chest

Provides pre-generated lung segmentation for lung volume measurements with volume histogram output.

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ct head and neck

CT Head and Neck

Tools facilitate bone and vessel removal with advanced editing to support vasculature analysis including stenosis ratio, area, diameter, Min, Max, Mean or perimeter cross section display.

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Provides advanced enhancement & noise reduction management with low dose CT exam images.

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lung density analysis ii

Lung Density Analysis-II

 Newly enhanced segmentation data science and automated measurement capabilities within a guided workflow for the disease progression assessment and quantification of COVID-19 and lung related illness.​**

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lung segmentation-3

Lung Segmentation

Provides an extensive range of clinical and workflow tools for Thoracic and Pulmonary specialists for quantification of lung volumes.

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Provides an extensive range of patented clinical and workflow tools for the display and manipulation of dental images to support the analysis and visualization of volumetric CT datasets of the Maxillo-facial region.

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Mitral Valve (TMVR) Workflow 

Mitral Valve (TMVR) Workflow

The Mitral Valve (TMVR) Workflow*** provides tools for evaluation of the mitral valve and to provide measurements to aide the trained clinical user for TMVR treatment planning.

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MR Cardiac 

MR Cardiac 

Allows for volumetric analysis of ejection fraction, flow dynamics, and temporal enhancement of the myocardium.

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TAVR (Vessel Analysis) Planning

The TAVR (Vessel Analysis) package provides features including aortic root segmentation and orientation display, user definable planning templates with report output, and embedded instructions.

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volumetric navigation

Volumetric Navigation

Allows for 2D, 3D and 4D viewing, multi-mask editing, configurable workflow creation, measurement toolsets, labeling, image batching, and report generation.

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*Intuition AI Adaptor pending 510k clearance.

**The following are important statements regarding the use of this tool:

  • Volumetric histogram and lung segmentation functionality are FDA cleared features of Intuition. This functionality is not FDA cleared specifically for COVID-19. It must only be used as an aid and that final interpretation should be performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner with the appropriate training.
  • The results should not be used for screening and the software does not provide specific disease detection and should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or treat COVID-19.
  • This device is not indicated for the diagnosis of COVID-19 and that in vitro diagnostic testing is currently the only definitive method to diagnose COVID-19.
  • This tool is available by specific licenses only.
  • The default thresholds are generalized recommendations and limits for device performance when used in an U.S. population. The image analysis should only be used as an aid and the final interpretation should be performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner with the appropriate training.

***All offerings are subject to availability and regulatory clearance, which may vary by country. Please verify product statues with your local TeraRecon representative.