NorthStar is the world's first viewer born of pure artificial intelligence DNA

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An AI content-enabled medical image viewer

Never before has there been a way to view, interact with, and train AI image processing machines within your diagnostic workflow - now there is. Built from the ground up on a state-of-the-art technology stack, TeraRecon's NorthStar™ viewer is the culmination of more than 20 man-years of effort. It is an AI content-enabled medical image viewer which stands to revolutionize the way physicians incorporate the galaxy of third party AI machines and embed them into their PACS workflow.

NorthStar* allows you to benefit from the assistance of artificial intelligence, but remain in control of which results become a part of the permanent image records and your diagnostic report. Stay in control while you experiment with the future of artificial intelligence.

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*NorthStar is currently in development and not yet available for sale. Healthcare providers, researchers, and industy partners interested in joining the NorthStar Innovators are encouraged to apply here.

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