We have taken Intution to an entirely new level by leveraging the advances in GPU processing technology and setting new speed standards for advanced visualization.

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Easy Install

TeraRecon’s pristine legacy of high performance rendering servers make the use of the new VP CUDA® technology a near drop-in.

 4-20x performance increase

With 4 to 20-times improved performance of the industry leading VolumePro® ASIC-based rendering technology, the VP CUDA interface is a remarkably affordable way to achieve even higher performance from the same TeraRecon solution.

Included in All New Systems

All new systems include VolumePro® CUDA interface layer as standard, readying the platform for CUDA® GPUs and eliminating the need for previously required proprietary hardware.

Affordable Upgrade Program

Ease the transition to a virtual computing environment with an affordable technology upgrade program for customers.

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See it to believe it

Take a look at our fine mode demonstrations to see the difference

"I CUDA Had a GPU" Webinar 

Learn more about the power of VP CUDA in our free on-demand community webinar.

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The video below shows the performance increase over our own industry leading VolumePro processing technology.

Faster Processing

4x-20x performance increase vs. VolumePro® on various processes.

Multiple Users

CUDA Parallel Computing Platform allows for multi-process application access to the GPU resources, enabling more concurrent users.

Unlimited Scalablity

GRID technology allows easy expansion including the implementation of Virtual Machines to meet the needs of growing organizations.

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