Body Fusion Package

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Key Features

  • Image Registration Tools
  • Motion Correction Capabilities
  • Data Set Subtraction
  • CT, MR, PET, and SPECT Support
  • Min, Max, Mean, Standard Deviation,
  • Standard Uptake Value (SUV)

Body Fusion Package

Supports volume registration and fusion for alignment and comparison of 2D and 3D images from two or more CT, MR, PET, or SPECT data sets for anatomical reference and quantitative study. Automatic registration and motion correction is provided and subtraction to a third series is also supported. Validated findings can be stored for comparison of multiple time points. Comprehensive tools enable the user to describe regions of interest (planar or volumetric) for which various statistical quantities can be obtained, such as min, max, mean, standard deviation, standard uptake values (SUV) or counts readout for PET data, etc. User friendly manual registration tools are also available for registering different image sets together. Included findings workflow can store captured values for side-by-side comparison of multiple time points. TeraRecon iNtuition Solution Clinical Packages include iNtuition and AquariusAPS.

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