Maxillo-Facial Package

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Key Features

  • Panoramic Projection
  • Cross-sectional Multi-planar Reconstruction
  • Definable Mandibular Groove Path

Maxillo-Facial Package

Provides an extensive range of patented clinical and workflow tools for the display and manipulation of dental images to support the analysis and visualization of volumetric CT datasets of the Maxillo-facial region. The Maxillo-Facial Package applies the curved planar reformation (CPR) result to generate “panoramic” projections in various planes and of various thicknesses. Cross-sectional multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) may also be generated at set increments along the defined curve plane and used to obtain key measurements to aid in dental implant and surgical planning. Mandibular groove path can be displayed as an overlay to improve visualization of critical anatomy. TeraRecon iNtuition Solution Clinical Packages include iNtuition and AquariusAPS.

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