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Capability Package

CT Body

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Key Features

Organ Volume with Comprehensive Segmentation and Measurement Tools
Organ Volume & Histogram Output
volumetric analysis including histogram
Dynamic Data Support
Multi-KeV - Hardware Removal
Sphere-Like Structure Identification
Multi-KeV - Iodine Mapping
Dynamic Image Filtering
Multi-KeV - Bone Removal Tool
Dual-Source Data Support
Colon Flythrough - Review, Analysis and Reporting
Colon Flythrough

CT Body Package Overview

CT Body allows Radiologists to perform a comprehensive review and analysis of the abdomen and pelvis region organs. Additionally, this package enables Radiologists to calculate the volume of organs or regions of interest with histogram output, and utilize exportable measurement values for follow-up comparison. The CT Body Package also provides the ability to analyze dynamic data to support the assessment of time-dependent behavior of the image intensity or density of anatomy. Validated findings can be stored for the comparison of multiple time points. Full function colon flythrough includes automatic multi-volume side-by-side loading and viewing, fly-path creation and editing, and AquariusAPS sphere finder for sphere-like structure identification. Dynamic image filtering with configurable filtering strengths can be engaged to improve image quality from -dose scanning techniques. Data from dual-source scans (i.e. Dual Energy) are also supported to provide dynamic blending, improving signal-to-noise ratios, and subtracting high-density structures, such as bone and metal.
  • colon flythrough
  • iodine mapping
  • bone removal tool
  • hardware removal

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