Capability Package

CT Chest

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Key Features

comprehensive tools and advanced analysis-1-1
Lung Volume &
Histogram Analysis
Lung and Lesion Segmentation
Automated Lung Segmentation
Sphere-Like Structure Identification
Comparison Layouts for side-by-side analysis
Tracking-Over-Time Options
Measurement tracking includes LRADS®1.0 and 1.1 Criteria
Virtual Flythrough
Measurements and key images in exportable summary report
Rib Labeling

CT Chest Package Overview

CT Chest provides pre-generated lung segmentation for lung volume measurements with volume histogram output. When image noise is a concern, dynamic image filtering with configurable filtering strengths can be engaged to improve reading efficiency. The AquariusAPS sphericity index is designed to help physicians identify and manage sphere-like structures. Validated findings can be stored for the comparison of multiple time points. Virtual flythrough guides you to visualize the airway tree to evaluate patients with a variety of airway pathologies.
  • Comprehensive tools for advanced analysis
  • Lung segmentation-2
  • Comparison Layouts for side-by-side analysis

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