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Clinical Solution:

CT Head and Neck

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Key Features

2- ct head neck 1-1
Remove Bone, Extract Vessels & Centerline Detection
Brain Perfusion maps including: CBF, CBV, MTT, TTP, Tmax
Automated Vessel Segmentation
Image Fusion
Image Fusion Capabilities
Dual Source
Image Subtraction Tools
MIP Rendering Batch for Vessel Review

CT Head and Neck Package Overview

Allows Neuro-Radiologists to perform efficient, accurate measurements of neurology related examinations. CT Head and Neck Package tools facilitate bone and vessel removal with advanced editing to support vasculature analysis including stenosis ratio, area, diameter, Min, Max, Mean or perimeter cross section display. Radiologists can calculate the volume of organs or regions of interest with histogram output and utilize exportable measurement values for follow-up comparison. It also provides the ability to analyze data to support the assessment of time-dependent behavior of the image intensity or density of the brain including CBF, CBV, MTT, TTP, TOT, RT maps and uptake graph. Data from dual source scans are also supported to provide blending which improves signal-to-noise ratios and subtracts high density structures such as bone and metal. Cross planar image synchronization with customizable vendor specific map type color scales are also supported. TeraRecon Intuition Solution Clinical Packages include Intuition and AquariusAPS.
  • Dual Source Data Support
  • Improved Signal-to-noise Ratios
  • TDA Quantitative Analysis

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