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Capability Package

EVAR (Vessel Analysis) Planning

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Key Features

Pre-Generated Centerlines
User-Definable Planning Template
Diameter vs Distance and Cross-sectional Views-564362-edited
Diameter vs. Distance & Cross-Sectional Views
Reporting Features
Straightened View, Diameter & Length Measurements
CPR and Axial Renderings
Embedded Vendor-Specific
Report Templates
EVAR stent planning-417734-edited
Complete Stent-Graft Planning

EVAR Planning Package Overview

EVAR provides features including an advanced measurement protocol option, a user-definable planning template with report output and embedded instructions. Other features include AquariusAPS pre-processed centerline extraction, straightened view, diameter, length measurements, and CPR and axial renderings. In addition, it allows for display of the diameter, distance, perimeter, cross-sectional views of vessels, and exportation of tabulated measurements. By following guided instructions, the user can complete stent-graft planning and generate reports for vendor-specific templates.
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  • CPR and Axial Renderings
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See our EVAR (Vessel Analysis) planning package in action performing an extensive range of clinical and workflow aids including an advanced measurement protocol option, user-definable planning template with report output, and embedded instructions.

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