iGENTLE Package

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Key Features

  • Noise Treatment for Low-exposure Images
  • Reduces Effects of Image Noise for 3D
  • Supplementary Filtered Series View

iGENTLE Package

Provides advanced enhancement & noise reduction management with low dose CT exam images. TeraRecon created the iGENTLE package to reduce the effects of image noise upon 3D rendering and manipulation tools supported by the software. Such images are used internally by the software to improve the performance of the tools used by Radiologists. They are not offered as any kind of substitute for the original image, however, an optional iGENTLE- filtered series can be created for viewing in addition to the original data. iGENTLE applies image filtering algorithms which help reduce image noise and improve the effectiveness of the 3D image quality, centerline accuracy, contouring and segmentation features used within the system. The tools speed in the attainment of the user’s image processing goals, even when source image quality is sub-optimal. TeraRecon iNtuition Solution Clinical Packages include iNtuition and AquariusAPS.

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  • TeraRecon iGENTLE Package
  • TeraRecon iGENTLE Package
  • TeraRecon iGENTLE Package

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