Clinical Package:

Interventional Radiology

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Key Features

Embedded Geometry
Intervention Planning Tools
Curved Planar Reformation
Analysis and Follow-up Tools
Perspective Flythrough
Vessel Stenosis Calculations

Interventional Radiology Package Overview

Provides an extensive range of patented Intuition™ clinical and workflow tools for Interventional Radiologists to perform a comprehensive patient analysis including vessel stenosis calculations, aneurysm evaluation, and planning capabilities. Zero-click pre-processed vessel centerlines minimize user intervention to facilitate productivity. Key features include Curved Planar Reformation (CPR), Straight MPR views (sMPR), Medial Axis Reformation (MAR) and perspective flythrough for endoluminal evaluation. TeraRecon Intuition Solution Clinical Packages include Intuition and AquariusAPS.
  • intervetional layout cpr batch and stenosis-054361-edited.png
  • interventional embedded geometry-986091-edited.png

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