Liver Segmentation

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Key Features

  • User-defined Liver Segmentation
  • Vascular Classification Options
  • Multi-cut Option
  • Configurable Image Filtering

Liver Segmentation Package

Provides an extensive range of patented iNtuition™ clinical and workflow tools for specialists using CT scanning for organ analysis and quantification. This package provides features including semi-automated liver segmentation, lesion definition with volume measurement, classification of vasculature, and vascular centerline distance measurements for invasive treatments. The intuitive sphericity index is designed to help physicians identify and manage sphere-like structures. The user friendly workflow guides the user through fine-tuning segmentation both semi-automatically and manually. Display of lesion-to-vascular relationship and lobular segmentation with a multi-cut option for pre-surgical planning are also supported. When image noise is a concern, dynamic image filtering with configurable filtering strengths can be engaged to improve reading efficiently.  TeraRecon iNtuition Solution Clinical Packages include iNtuition and AquariusAPS.

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