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MR Body

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Key Features

2D, 3D, 4D image sequencing-1-878295-edited
2D, 3D, 4D MR Image Sequencing
MRA with Centerline Capability
MIP & MRA Evaluation with Centerline Tools
Time Dependent Maps Including Parametric, TTE, TTP and More
Analysis & Follow-Up Tools
Kinetics Evaluation
Time-Intensity ROI Analysis
Time Dependent Analysis of Brain
Parametric Mapping of Body Parts Such as Breast or Prostate
MR Volume Analysis
Kinetics, Time-to-Peak, Time to the Enhancement & Maximum Slope Evaluation

MR Body Package Overview

MR Body provides an extensive range of clinical and workflow tools for Radiologists, Internists, and Organ Specialists who utilize 2D, 3D and 4D MR image sequences. This package allows for a comprehensive yet streamlined patient analysis of anatomy and function including evaluating MRA vessel analysis with a familiar centerline and editing tool. It also provides the ability to analyze dynamic data to support the time-dependent behavior of the image intensity or density of anatomy. Radiologists can measure organ volume or regions of interest with intensity value output and utilize exportable measurement values for follow-up comparison. To support uptake curves, multiphase analysis, and tROI (time-intensity region of interest) measurement, graphical and parametric mapping displays are also provided.

  • MR brain-2-1
  • MR Prostate-2-1
  • breast w kinetics-2
  • MRA analysis-2

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