Cardiac MR

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Key Features

  • Volumetric Analysis Tools
  • Contour Detection Assistance
  • Flow Dynamics Calculations
  • AHA 17-Segment-Model

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MR Cardiac Package

Allows for volumetric analysis of ejection fraction, flow dynamics, and temporal enhancement of the myocardium. Our advanced visualization solution can support Radiologist and Cardiologist workflows. Other key features include semi-automatic LV/RV inner and outer contour detection, stroke/volume index calculation, AHA 17 segmentation and cardiac cycle color motion map display. For dynamic flow studies, multiple region of interest selection and background noise correction are also supported. TeraRecon iNtuition Solution Clinical Packages include iNtuition and AquariusAPS.

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  • Cardiac MR Advanced Visualization
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  • Cardiac MR Package

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