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Cardiac MR

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Key Features

Overview - 2D, 3D, 4D structural heart review
LV/RV Inner & Outer Contour Detection
automatic contouring-676581-edited
Volumetric Analysis of
Ejection Fraction
MR flow
MR Flow Analysis
T1 Mapping, T2/T2* Mapping
MR Cardiac Perfusion
MR Cardiac Perfusion

Cardiac MR Package Overview

The Intuition Cardiac MR package evaluates the anatomy and physiology of the heart chamber and valves, the size and flow of blood through vessels, and the surrounding structures. It is used to determine whether a patient suffers from cardiovascular diseases such as limited cardiac or valvular-related functional outputs.

  • Overview 2D 3D and 4D structural heart view
  • T1 Mapping and T2 T2 star mapping
  • MR flow
cardiac mr tour-2

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Experience Intuition in use for volumetric analysis of ejection fraction, flow dynamics, and temporal enhancement of the myocardium.

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