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Key Features

Overview- 2D, 3D, 4D Anatomical Review
Overview- 2D, 3D, 4D Anatomical Review
TT, SL, EC, SL, Area & Perimeter, 2D /3D Annular Measurements in ED & ES
Key Mitral Valve Annulus Measurements in Multiple Phases
Key Measurement: Aorto-Mitral Angle
Key Measurement: Aorto-Mitral Angle
Embedded Geometry tools to visualize valve and stent placements.
Embedded Geometry Tools to Visualize Valve & Stent Placements
Neo-LVOT measurements for pre-surgical assessment--1
Key Measurement: Neo-LVOT
Concise Results Reviewer
Concise Results Reviewer

TMVR Package Overview

TMVR provides tools for evaluation of the mitral valve and to provide measurements to aide the trained clinical user for TMVR treatment planning. The workflow includes optimized layouts and image reconstructions helpful in annulus evaluation. This includes optimal projections (2, 3, 4 chamber views), templates, as well as concise and user-directed steps and measurements. These measurements and steps all culminate to the treatment planning for TMVR (replacement of native valve) and TMVr (repair of native valve) utilizing embedded geometry matching approved and cleared devices.

*All offerings are subject to availability and regulatory clearance, which may vary by country. Please verify product statues with your local TeraRecon representative.

  • Mitral Annulus Selection and Projection tools
  • Embedded Geometry tools to visualize valve and stent placements.
  • results

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