Lung Density Analysis II for COVID-19

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Custom Lung Workflow for Intuition

Intuition’s Lung Density Analysis II workflow delivers newly enhanced segmentation data science and automated measurement capabilities within a guided workflow for the disease progression assessment and quantification of COVID-19 and lung related illness.*
lung density workflow

Lung Density Analysis II Key Features

By leveraging Intuition's capabilities in lung segmentation, volumetric histogram analysis and automation, physicians can quickly analyze and quantify lung tissue with little to no manual intervention. 

Lung Density Analysis II Workflow

The FCC Telehealth Program

The Federal Communications Commission has unveiled a new $200 million program to help fund telehealth programs for qualifying providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apply and ensure your COVID-19 based technology needs are covered by available funds from the CARES Act. According to FCC officials, there are three steps interested providers can take immediately. 

View FCC Public Notice

Universal Service Administrative Company

Obtain eligibility determination from the Universal Service Administrative Company for each health care provider site that is included in the application.

FCC Registration Number

All applicants, like all other entities doing business with the Commission, must register for an FRN in the Commission Registration System (CORES).

System for Award Management

Only those registered through the System for Award Management will be able to receive funding. If not registered, please submit an application to get the registration started.

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*The following are important statements regarding the use of this tool:

  • Volumetric histogram and lung segmentation functionality are FDA cleared features of Intuition. This functionality is not FDA cleared specifically for COVID-19. It must only be used as an aid and that final interpretation should be performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner with the appropriate training.
  • The results should not be used for screening and the software does not provide specific disease detection and should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or treat COVID-19.
  • This device is not indicated for the diagnosis of COVID-19 and that in vitro diagnostic testing is currently the only definitive method to diagnose COVID-19.
  • This tool is available by specific licenses only.
  • The default thresholds are generalized recommendations and limits for device performance when used in an U.S. population. The image analysis should only be used as an aid and the final interpretation should be performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner with the appropriate training.