Beyond the Screen Episode 16: AI Reset Roundtable Highlights

October 20, 2020

This year, we launched our Insiders Series, a free online event series where we look at everything from the latest tech and advancing AI trends in healthcare to actionable insights from those working on the front lines of medical imaging. Our first Insiders Series session was the AI Reset Roundtable, where we brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry to shed light on the AI landscape, current and future needs of health systems, and the best path forward. The differing perspectives of our panelists created a truly thought-provoking discussion on how AI can influence and enhance workflows now and in the foreseeable future.

AI Reset Roundtable Panel

Jeff Sorenson, TeraRecon President, CEO, and Session Moderator
Kim Garriott, Chief Innovation Officer at NetApp Healthcare
Dr. Sanjay Parekh, Senior Analyst at Signify Research
Jeremy Bikman, CEO at Reaction Data
John Danahy, Chief Revenue Officer at TeraRecon

Watch or listen to the AI Reset Roundtable recap for the highlights of the panel discussion, including:

  • How AI adoption is accelerating in healthcare and the noticeable effects of becoming more efficient.
  • How providers are pivoting their AI programs and technology investments.
  • About the many applications and responsible implementation of using AI in clinical workflows.
  • Ways AI vendors adapt their solutions to remain sustainable and scalable.
  • Where imaging AI fits into the spectrum of high potential use cases.

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