No Hospital Should Be Priced Out of AI

November 28, 2021

Amanda Bury VP of Strategic Alliance (4)Healthcare is often behind other industries when it comes to purchasing. That’s why many have a constellation of vendors that often keep leaders from attaining the macro perspectives they need to improve their operations.

With AI becoming streamlined into clinical settings, now is not the time to let traditional purchasing processes slow down hospital innovation. Instead, the industry must develop new models for acquiring new technologies and the faster, more efficient, and often less expensive work processes they engender.

Models like subscription-based purchasing. While not a new concept in many industries has increasingly become more desirable to healthcare systems, seeking routes to the best, most up-to-date technologies that are more turn-key for the organization and do not require massive capital expenditures. This kind of flexibility has made TeraRecon’s Titanium subscription offering a win, for our customers, around the globe.

Flexible payments are another way to help hospitals finance their AI strategies. By locking in prices over multi-year agreements and adjusting the frequency of their payments, hospitals can stay competitive while achieving their innovation goals.

Lastly, procuring hardware technology over the last 12-months has been a strain for hospitals. As a result, vendors must think outside the box to assist with these unusual supply chain challenges. For example, TeraRecon is helping its customers by partnering with organizations like PNY to secure special customer-only pricing for critical high-performance hardware that will help expedite the digital transformations their clients are seeking to undertake.

As more artificial intelligence-based solutions come to market – the chance for genuine democratization is in sight. Now is the time for unique thinking to reduce some of the barriers that prevent its acquisition, workflow integration, and clinical adoption, as it continues to reshape not only healthcare but medicine as a whole.

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