ConcertAI's TeraRecon adds Prostate Cancer Detection/Diagnosis into Eureka Clinical AI Platform with Bot Image, Inc. Partnership

by TeraRecon, on May 26, 2023 8:39:00 AM

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Eureka Clinical AI platform, from ConcertAI's TeraRecon, the advanced visualization and clinical AI SaaS category leader, now provides clinicians with the state-of-the-art clinical artificial intelligence and deep learning technology necessary to bring fast and accurate prostate cancer detection and diagnosis using bpMRI and AI in partnership with Bot Image, Inc.

Bot Image, Inc. received FDA clearance for prostate cancer (PCa) screening and detection/diagnosis in July 2022. Bot Image's prostate AI software, ProstatID™, aims to increase the accuracy in PCa detection and diagnosis and has been shown to increase prostate cancer detection while decreasing false positives that may lead to expensive and unwarranted biopsies. Additionally, with its unique FDA clearance for screening using bi-parametric MRI, ProstatID can be used as a regularly planned screening mechanism*. This makes ProstatID an ideal tool for active surveillance to monitor progression of the disease. According to recent findings reported in the NEJM1, waiting and watching (i.e., surveillance of the cancer) can be more appropriate than intervention, thus saving healthcare dollars and undesirable side effects of treatments.

"With a global installed base of about 1,900 health sites, TeraRecon represents a significant and immediate distribution opportunity for the unique analysis capabilities of Bot Image, Inc.'s prostate solutions. We are thrilled to be a part of the TeraRecon AI partner ecosystem and to offer our solutions on the Eureka Clinical AI Platform and to all healthcare providers needing these services in a streamlined and best-in-breed ecosystem that TeraRecon offers," said Dr. Randall W. Jones Bot Image, Inc. CEO

"ConcertAI is the leading AI and RWE cancer research company, and our TeraRecon business has the leading open, trusted Clinical AI platform in the industry, available globally," said Jeff Elton, PhD, CEO of ConcertAI. "We're very excited to add Bot Image to our partner ecosystem and to provide ProstatID™ to the Eureka Clinical AI Platform. Prostate cancer is so devasting to men around the world, and bringing a solution that aims to provide AI-driven analysis that may improve the accuracy and speed of prostate cancer detection and diagnosis is critical. We look forward to making ProstatID™ available to all of our customers and their patients.".

"Eureka Clinical AI by TeraRecon is a robust platform powering first-, second-, and third-party algorithms on one consolidated platform that integrates seamlessly into PACS and provides a console to see all results and conversations across a patient's healthcare teams," said Dan McSweeney, President of TeraRecon. "It also allows clinicians to directly interact with the AI to ensure accurate and holistic algorithm training, all unique in class, progressing more rapidly than any other commercially available Clinical AI solution."

Learn more about the Eureka Clinical AI platform capabilities and algorithms that span across neurology, radiology, cardiology, oncology, and more: 

About ConcertAI: ConcertAI is the leader in Real-World Evidence (RWE) and AI technology solutions for life sciences and health care. Our mission is to accelerate insights and outcomes for patients through leading real-world data, AI technologies, and scientific expertise in partnership with the leading biomedical innovators, health care providers, and medical societies. For more information, visit us at

About TeraRecon: Serving ~1,900 clinical sites globally, TeraRecon, a ConcertAI company, is a Best in KLAS solution provider for AI-empowered radiology, oncology, cardiology, neurology, and vascular surgery. Awarded the KLAS Category Leader for Advanced Visualization, TeraRecon solutions are independent of any one manufacturer's imaging equipment or PACS system, allowing a single, unified, and simplified clinical workflow that can improve efficiencies and deliver actionable physician-guided insights. For more information, visit us at

About Bot Image: Bot Image, Inc.'s mission is to blend artificial intelligence (AI) with other diagnostic mediums and bring about substantial improvements in clinical outcomes where it matters most: Improved cancer screening, detection, classification, and grading using non-invasive imaging technologies such as MRI and CT. The Omaha-based medical imaging software company's first product, ProstatID, blends AI with MRI to detect potentially cancerous lesions, assigning a cancer probability score to each, and aid physicians in the patient diagnosis.

* Note, Bot Image is not suggesting that the patient not receive an mpMRI as this is up to the physician, but ProstatID can assist in interpretation of mpMRI as well. 

  1. Hamdy, Donovan, Lane, Metcalfe, et. al., Fifteen-year Outcomes after Monitoring, Surgery, or Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer, NEJM, March 11, 2023. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2214122
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