TeraRecon announces the release of an advanced integration with Agfa

by TeraRecon, on Nov 17, 2016 8:03:00 AM

Foster City, CA – November 17, 2016: TeraRecon, (www.terarecon.com), a leader in advanced visualization and enterprise medical image viewing solutions, announces the release of an advanced integration with Agfa HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging 8.1.

Agfa and TeraRecon continue to further the long standing collaboration and partnership with the release of an API between Intuition and Enterprise Imaging 8.1. This combined solution delivers a unique workflow that provides a complete clinical and imaging experience. Through this simple and seamless integration, physicians can deliver efficient and effective patient care while focusing on the imaging space and having access to the advanced tools needed for navigating volumetric studies. For instance a post processing workflow can be started in a 3D lab and continued later at an Enterprise Imaging station seamlessly.

Benefits of Enterprise Imaging 8 & Intuition:

  • Single user interface for accessing 2D and Advanced 3D applications
  • Launch into TeraRecon workflow from within Agfa hanging protocol workflow
  • On Demand retrieval of 3D Data from Agfa
  • Verification of patient information ensuring data integrity between Agfa and TeraRecon
  • Automated rules to store TeraRecon images processed in Agfa
  • Bi-Directional communication between Agfa and TeraRecon viewers
  • Multi-series data loading for 3D analysis
  • Seamless 3D presentation state loading from Agfa
  • Single sign on with customized TeraRecon workflow per user

The advanced integration is currently available and will be on display at the upcoming Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois starting November 27th, 2016. Attendees may visit the booths of TeraRecon (#7165) or Agfa HealthCare (#3336) for more information.

About TeraRecon (www.terarecon.com) TeraRecon is the largest independent, vendor neutral medical image viewing solution provider with a focus on advanced image processing innovation.  TeraRecon Intuition and iNteract+ solutions advance the accessibility, performance, clinical functionality and medical imaging workflow throughout many areas of the healthcare ecosystem. The company provides world class advanced visualization 3D post-processing tools, as well as a spectrum of enterprise medical image viewing, diagnostic interpretation, image sharing, interoperability and collaboration solutions.  TeraRecon is a privately-held company with its world headquarters in Foster City, California with major offices in Acton, MA, Durham, NC, Frankfurt, Germany and Tokyo, Japan.

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