ConcertAI's TeraRecon Brings Osteoarthritis and Fracture Detection to the Eureka Clinical AI Platform with Radiobotics Partnership

by TeraRecon, on Apr 4, 2023 11:07:33 AM

Two applications for X-ray exams detect and analyze osteoarthritis in the knee, as well as fractures across the entire appendicular skeleton

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ConcertAI's TeraRecon, the advanced visualization and clinical AI SaaS category leader, has partnered with Radiobotics to provide the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning applications RBknee (FDA cleared and CE marked) and RBFracture (CE marked) for users of the Eureka Clinical AI platform.

Radiobotics applications on the Eureka Clinical AI platform integrate seamlessly within existing medical workflows and can serve hospitals, radiologists, orthopedic surgeons and, ultimately, patients by automating medical image analysis. This results in faster turnaround, fewer diagnostic errors, and more consistent grading of the disease progression. Its algorithms are easy to integrate into existing workflows and are highly scalable.

RBFracture detects fractures in X-ray across the entire appendicular skeleton and has been shown to reduce the number of missed hip fractures by emergency care staff by 47%. This represents significant potential to improve patient care when deployed in a clinical setting.

The osteoarthritis (OA) product, RBknee, works by analyzing digital x-rays of knees and identifying common radiographic findings associated with the diagnosis of OA, a common joint disease affecting knees and a major cause of disability worldwide.

"In the United States, 23% of all adults—over 54 million people—have arthritis, and x-rays are often used to diagnose these patients," said Dan McSweeney, President of TeraRecon. "By supporting clinicians with clinically validated AI technology, RBknee has the potential to allow users to realize clinical efficiencies as well as improve clinical outcomes through consistent, objective, and accurate measurements and analysis. We are thrilled to add the Radiobotics solutions to our Eureka Clinical AI platform." 

"With a global installed base of ~1,900 health sites for its advanced visualization software, TeraRecon represents a significant and immediate distribution opportunity for the unique analysis capabilities of Radiobotics solutions," said Mads Jarner Brevadt, Co-founder and CEO of Radiobotics. "We are thrilled to offer RBFracture and RBknee on the Eureka Clinical AI platform, a streamlined, best-in-breed ecosystem."

"We are thrilled with the performance of RBKnee," said Glenn Garcia, Associate Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch. "We get results in a matter of seconds which can be really useful to help us standardize our osteoarthritis reporting."

Eureka Clinical AI is the leading AI SaaS imaging interpretation and clinical decision augmentation solution from ConcertAI's TeraRecon. As the industry's most broadly deployed platform, it is unique in that it is open to third-party AI algorithms, allowing consolidated management of all AI interpretation solutions with seamless PACS integrations. Multi-specialty care teams can see results and receive mobile alerts to confirm AI findings, ensuring optimal and timely patient interventions, management, and coordinated care delivery.

Learn more about the Eureka Clinical AI platform capabilities and algorithms that span across neurology, radiology, cardiology, oncology, and more at

About ConcertAI: ConcertAI is the leader in AI SaaS Technologies for clinical research and clinical care and Real-World Evidence (RWE) solutions. Our mission is to accelerate insights and biomedical innovations, thereby improving outcomes for patients. For more information, visit us at  

About TeraRecon: Serving ~1,900 clinical sites globally, TeraRecon, a ConcertAI company, is a Best in KLAS solution provider for AI-empowered radiology, oncology, cardiology, neurology, and vascular surgery. Awarded the KLAS Category Leader for Advanced Visualization, TeraRecon solutions are independent of any one manufacturer's imaging equipment or PACS system, allowing a single, unified, and simplified clinical workflow that can improve efficiencies and deliver actionable physician-guided insights. For more information, visit us at

About Radiobotics: Radiobotics is a Danish, award-winning health tech company focusing on creating high performing and well validated solution for musculoskeletal radiology (MSK) radiographs. Radiobotics' solutions can generate partly automated text reports with objective findings and conclusions, including visual overlays, to enhance consistency and making readings more efficient on routine imaging. Their technology is designed and developed in close collaboration with clinicians to address their needs and requirements from the start. Read more at

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