TeraRecon CEO Jeff Sorenson To Depart, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani To Serve As Interim CEO

by TeraRecon, on Jan 20, 2021 6:00:00 AM

DURHAM, NC. – Jan. 20, 2021: TeraRecon announced today that Jeff Sorenson is stepping down from his role as chief executive officer. SymphonyAI Chairman, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani will assume the role of interim CEO while a search for a replacement CEO is underway.

During his nearly 15-year tenure at TeraRecon, Sorenson was the driving force behind the company’s accelerated growth and innovation and firmly established TeraRecon as the undisputed industry leader in 3D advanced visualization. Sorenson remains on the TeraRecon Board of Directors and will serve as an advisor to TeraRecon’s parent company SymphonyAI, focusing on strategy and innovation within its healthcare portfolio.

Under Sorenson leadership, TeraRecon:

  • Achieved an impressive, delighted customer base of over 900 health systems and 5,000+ installations across 74 countries
  • Established 3D advanced visualization-based planning as the gold standard for critical procedures like endovascular surgical planning
  • Achieved consistent number one ranking as a KLAS category leader in radiology advanced visualization software, as well as the number one market share for US 3D imaging
  • Disrupted the ASIC-based advanced visualization workstation market with thin-client GPU-based server computing architectures
  • Pioneered the transformation of advanced visualization to physician interactive and AI-driven diagnostic imaging decision support
  • Debuted the world’s first medical imaging AI marketplace and workflow interoperability platform in 2017
  • Released the world’s first AI results explorer providing clinicians a way to accept, reject and interact with AI-derived findings in 2018
  • Received a landmark patent for diagnostic imaging clinical reporting with AI in 2020 that extends a physician’s AI oversight beyond a static view to a fully interrogable and bi-directional interpretation experience within a pre-populated report
“Jeff’s vision, leadership, and numerous achievements over the past 14+ years at TeraRecon led to ‘first of its kind’ innovations like Eureka AI Results Explorer, Eureka Clinical AI Platform, and Intuition. Jeff is a champion of the value AI can play in the medical imaging market, delivering unprecedented benefits to doctors and patients. TeraRecon is an innovative organization poised to capture its next phase of growth,” said Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, TeraRecon chairman of the board and chairman and founder of parent company SymphonyAI.

“I will leave TeraRecon filled with immense gratitude for the opportunity this organization and role has provided me for 14+ years. While the reasons for that gratitude are many, working with an outstanding group of dedicated and talented professionals, both within TeraRecon’s and SymphonyAI’s walls, with a mission to drive better patient care will rank as the most rewarding,” said Sorenson.

“It has been wonderful to have worked with Jeff, and I am very appreciative of his many contributions to TeraRecon. I have great confidence in the TeraRecon team to continue to provide high quality, high-value AI solutions for healthcare and accelerate the development of breakthrough solutions transforming care delivery across the enterprise,” said Vibhor Rastogi, TeraRecon board member and partner, SymphonyAI.

About TeraRecon: About TeraRecon: TeraRecon is a leader in medical advanced visualization and artificial intelligence solutions. Its flagship product, Intuition, is the 2020 KLAS category leader for advanced visualization and holds the number one market share for US 3D imaging. Recently acquired by SymphonyAI Group, TeraRecon is one of seven portfolio companies and is strategically focused on AI-driven innovation in healthcare. The company continues to innovate ahead of customer demand and has most recently developed sophisticated healthcare-focused artificial intelligence platform solutions unlike any in the world today. As a company with a 20-year history of innovation, TeraRecon’s mission is to continuously redefine medical advanced visualization by leveraging artificial intelligence to improve patient care.

Website: www.terarecon.com

About SymphonyAI: SymphonyAI is building the leading enterprise AI company for the digital transformation of the business enterprise, across the most important and resilient growth verticals, including life sciences, healthcare, retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services, manufacturing, and media. In each of these verticals, SAI businesses have many of the leading enterprises as clients. SAI is backed by a $1 billion commitment from Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Since its founding in 2017, SymphonyAI has grown rapidly to a combined revenue run rate of more than $300 million and over 2,200 talented leaders, data scientists, and other professionals.

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