ConcertAI's TeraRecon Inks Distribution Deals with Seven AI Developers Alongside EU Launch of Eureka Clinical AI Platform at #ECR23

by TeraRecon, on Feb 27, 2023 8:42:30 AM

The leading open Clinical AI platform allows users to develop and deploy their own AI algorithms and leverage third-party AI algorithms within existing clinical workflows.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ConcertAI's TeraRecon, advanced visualization and AI Clinical SaaS category leader, has announced its Eureka Clinical AI platform is now available to European healthcare providers. The company initiated distribution agreements with seven leading CE-marked AI software developers —Cercare Medical, Combinostics, Coreline Soft, Imaging Biometrics (CE pending), Infervision, Radiobotics, and Riverain Technologies. Eureka Clinical AI is now one of the leading unified solutions for clinical AI algorithms in Europe, providing clinical and diagnostic benefits across radiology, neurology, oncology, pulmonology, and cardiology.

Through the partnership agreements, Clinical AI applications available in the EU market include:

  • Cercare Medical's Cercare Perfusion is a fully-automated, patient-specific perfusion application for brain CT and MRI that provides deep insight into brain tissue oxygenation through standard and unique perfusion biomarkers.
  • Combinostics cMRI goes beyond MRI quantification to provide automated, objective quantification, lesion assessment and biomarker-based diagnostic support for dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury and Epilepsy.
  • Coreline Soft AVIEW CAC automatically segments and displays the location of calcified lesions in CT chest exams to assist clinicians in the early detection of coronary artery disease. Also offered, AVIEW LCS automatically detects and segments lung nodules in CT scans for lung cancer screening, and provides optimized workflow based on Lung-RADS. AVIEW LCS is available as a standalone application, or in combination with AVIEW CAC and/or an LAA analysis algorithm to meet your specific needs.
  • Imaging Biometrics IB Clinic provides MR perfusion imaging for brain tumor analysis with key physiological information like true regions of contrast enhancement (void of post-surgical blood products), and tumor blood volume and flow. (CE pending)
  • Infervision InferRead Lung CT.AI aids in the quick and accurate detection and quantification of lung nodules, and auto-routes all data to PACS, EMR, and reporting systems.
  • Radiobotics RBfracture™ automatically detects fractures in X-rays exams across the entire appendicular skeleton. Additionally, RBknee™ automatically analyzes knee X-rays for osteoarthritis, based on OARSI and KL gradings.
  • Riverain Technologies ClearRead applications for CT and X-ray use unique vessel and bone suppression technology that enables radiologists to focus on the actionable data to improve accuracy and quality, while decreasing reading time and the number of missed nodules.

Eureka Clinical AI is unique in the industry for its open AI approach that supports the hosting and management of first-party algorithms; proprietary TeraRecon solutions such as TR Neuro, an AI-assisted workflow solution purposely built for the detection and care activation of neurovascular emergencies.; and third-party solutions.  ConcertAI CEO, Jeff Elton, PhD commented "ConcertAI and TeraRecon have the broadest array of clinical and AI solutions in production globally.  Our approaches have always emphasized the ability to integrate the leading AI innovations be they from us, our partners or our provider customers.  This assurance of highest utility combined with the ability to manage AI algorithms centrally are critical." 

While the Eureka Clinical AI platform is centered around clinical users, we also understand the need to quickly and easily onboard partners and vendor-agnostic algorithms. Which is why we've built a best-in-breed technical onboarding portal to reduce the time and effort of integration, and give developers access to upload their AI algorithms and test data sets, run the algorithm, and visualize the results firsthand to confirm compatibility with the Eureka platform. 

"We're proud to partner with this amazing group of developers, each selected for their expertise in providing solutions to solve our most critical customer needs," said Dan McSweeney, President, TeraRecon. "Individually contracting, integrating, and deploying all these applications is not manageable for the majority of health systems. Operationally, technically, and financially we've simplified this process and eliminated these barriers to allow our clinical users access to the most cutting-edge decision-making tools, while providing a unified user experience."

Schedule a demo at ECR 2023 to see our Eureka Clinical AI platform live (please let us know during the scheduling process if you're interested in a demo from any of our AI partners). You can also reserve time to see the new features of our flagship Intuition product, including dual monitor support, patient list filtering, glow rendering, new measurement tools, HL7 communication protocol, and new neuro perfusion workflow.

Outside the show floor, TeraRecon will host an educational dinner during ECR, focusing on the role of AI in healthcare. Held Wednesday, March 1, at 7:00pm, the event will feature remarks by thought leader Dr. Jean Francois Paul, radiologist and chief of cardiac imaging (CT and MR) at Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, Paris. A limited number of spots remain for this event; please submit your details for inclusion. (Please note: due to the intimate setting, we will not be able to accommodate all interested)

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