TeraRecon Demonstrates Project InnerEye Radiomics Powered by EnvoyAI

March 7, 2018

logos.pngTeraRecon has set up a technical demonstration with Project InnerEye, a Microsoft research project, to illustrate the use of the Project InnerEye‘s segmentation technology through the EnvoyAI™ platform. The demonstration of the workflow integration will be on display at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS18) annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 6th – 8th.  

EnvoyAI enables the rapid implementation of best-of-breed AI algorithms via a vendor neutral distribution platform. Project InnerEye is a Microsoft research project with a mission to use state of the art machine learning technology that enables automatic segmentation and quantitative analysis of three-dimensional radiological images. Project InnerEye exposes the segmentation technology through a cloud service aimed at improving the productivity of healthcare professionals through ISV solutions. The demonstration is illustrating how the InnerEye technology would run on the EnvoyAI platform and return results to end-user systems, including TeraRecon Intuition™, and NorthStar™ medical image viewers, PACS, VNA systems, and the Ambra Health™ image sharing network. The EnvoyAI interface has been enhanced to allow users to interact with AI-generated segmentations within the Northstar™ viewer, currently in development.

innereye.jpgDr. Khan Siddiqui, former Project InnerEye team member and advisor to EnvoyAI, shared, “We are entering the era of quantitative imaging. Radiomics insights can finally be automated with the required precision needed to be useful. EnvoyAI offers a fascinating path for translation of research and enhancing everyday workflows by lowering the barriers facing technology innovators trying to bring their products to market.”

Antonio Criminisi, the principal researcher of Microsoft’s Project InnerEye said “This cutting-edge demonstration proves the potential to have artificial intelligence turn radiological images into measuring devices.  We are seeing that the major influencers of tomorrow’s image science will be a new set of companies – those who provide an open approach to third-party image processing and offer fast delivery mechanisms to implement these technologies.”

TeraRecon President and CEO, Jeff Sorenson, stated “We’re excited to pair Microsoft’s intelligent cloud computing expertise and EnvoyAI’s distribution platform with our own radiology domain expertise to bring innovative AI workflows to life.  We will continue expanding the collaboration to find new ways to create value for physicians through AI.” 

Contact TeraRecon at info@terarecon.com to experience the new integration capabilities between TeraRecon viewers, EnvoyAI, and the Microsoft Project InnerEye technology.

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