What is the best way to get started with an AI strategy?

June 15, 2019

Last, but definitely not least, the final episode in our AI Conversation series answers the question of how to get started with an AI strategy. Join TeraRecon President and CEO, Jeff Sorenson, as he walks through the steps you need to take to successfully implement an AI strategy into your clinical workflow.

Where to start when developing an AI Strategy?

The best way to get started with an AI strategy is to think about the “how” and not the “what”. If you don’t have the ability to experiment with AI, see what it has to offer, form your clinical questions, and try lots of things then you are very likely to make a mistake and that is what is happening today. Think of implementing an AI strategy like a purchasing process. You spend too much time on the front end getting a single installation done and then, by the time you do that, you may have the 3rd or 4th version of the particular algorithm that you wanted.

What we are seeing is a market where the algorithms that get utilized the most and the companies that stand behind them the best and work most closely with their customers will be the most successful. What we are trying to do is get the end user customers in touch with the developers of these algorithms and make sure that everyone is communicating very clearly.

The real trick is to not have a meeting where you try to pick out what AI algorithms you are going to use when you have implemented a way to deploy them. Priority one is to get a system installed that can run the AI. Then test the integration and make sure it is perfect, have key clinical champion physician leaders from various different body sections pick out one thing that they think can add value and then work very closely with TeraRecon and the EnvoyAI team to put those into your clinical practice. By using this implementation strategy, you can always change your mind and it makes it easy when you do. In many respects, it is about taking a platform approach to AI and earning the ability to quickly change your mind in a very fast moving market.

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