Intuition Top 5 improvements in 4.4.13.P4

July 25, 2019

When new Intuition builds release for TeraRecon customers, they are never small or trivial. There are hundreds of performance improvements, defect fixes, and feature enhancements that provide massive benefits to our valued customers. For this reason, it’s always a little difficult to pick the top 5 most important improvements. Thankfully, Intuition has always been guided by the customers and is built off continued feedback and recommendations. When the customer comes first, incredible things happen:


Workflow and GPU Performance Efficiencies

Based on customer feedback, workflow and efficiency enhancements are very important, if not the most important release enhancements. Intuition TDA for neuro perfusion imaging has a newly updated workflow called “Advanced TDA”. Previous versions of Intuition were inefficient. Scrolling and paging through study phases and slices are is now much more intuitive with logical enhancements, utilizing mouse functions consistent with other Intuition workflows.

Advanced TDA

Advanced TDA has undergone a massive overhaul. Of course, as mentioned above, the qualitative improvements can be accessed through this workflow, but a whole score of other enhancements has been added to this build as well. New displays, new layouts, new graphs, new workflow enhancements, new automation, and new maps bring CT brain perfusion imaging to a whole new level. And, did you know that utilizing the APS (Automatic Processing Server) provides zero-click brain perfusion workflows directly to your PACS? While this is not new for 4.4.13P4, now is a great time to see how TeraRecon technologies can streamline time-critical workflows with fast, resource-friendly and reproducible results.

Updated everything: workflow, tools, maps, usability, export functions…
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release Advanced TDA Workflow 1

Capture all slices all phases by preferences for automated exports:
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release Advanced TDA Workflow 2

Graph improvements: fitted or raw based on preferences for friendlier interpretation and results sharing.
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release Advanced TDA Workflow 3

Multi-planar Liver Segmentation

This improvement is huge! Following advice from our expert customer advisors, LD2 liver segmentation now allows a multi-planar cutting function that meets the needs for surgical planning. Previous versions had limited functions, now you may cut along a multiplanar pathway, such as a vascular structure, and derive cut and remaining volumes for multiple approaches. Results are clearly displayed and may be exported as screen captures or .html files to your favorite reporting system.

TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release MultiPlanar Liver Segmentation Workflow 1

Colon Flythrough Improvements

“Improvements” is an understatement. This version brings you so many new enhancements to the colon flythrough workflows, we encourage you to take advantage of our free webinars and training sessions for a closer look. Again, based on expert customer advisors, performance and workflow efficiencies drove the priorities. Mentioned earlier, perspective view (fisheye view) will display superior performance for those with GPU boards.

Additional enhancements are listed in the What’s New for Customers guide as well as the release notes. Highlights include new layouts, new edit mode and functions, viewer toolbar, easy to find and use tools, updated user-defined hotkeys and much more.

New editing features and functions include new edit layouts and centerline editing functions. Current customers will find this design intuitive as it is consistent with our CPR edit tools in other workflows.
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release Colon Flythrough Workflow Improvements 1

New global view options provide more depth and usability options to help with colon position identification and orientation, including the relationship to non-colon structures. You can even create a batch from this view.
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release Colon Flythrough Workflow Improvements 2,3,4

New layouts show the full colon in one view for supine and prone viewing. If you prefer, double click on images to swap viewers. You may save these new layouts in preferences as your default layout choice.
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release Colon Flythrough Workflow Improvements 5


This version provides new tools and graphs to add to the multiphase workflow. The kinetics tool now has the option to use new drawing tools and display results on a graph and you may now use APS (Automatic Processing Server) to calculate kinetics results.

New time-intensity maps for persistent, plateau, and washout kinetic curves.
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release MultiPhase Breast and Prostate Improvements 1


New High Uptake tool and high-intensity/time-intensity curve map. Now you can draw a region around an area of interest. The curser will then display in the area of high uptake and present it on a graph.
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release MultiPhase Breast and Prostate Improvements 2


New measurement options for comprehensive analysis.
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release MultiPhase Breast and Prostate Improvements 3


NPI (Interpolation tool) has better clarity demarking slices and graph points that have been interpolated.
TeraRecon 4.4.13 (P4) Release MultiPhase Breast and Prostate Improvements 4,5

Intuition AI Adapter – Coming Soon!
This functionality is under development and not available for clinical or diagnostic use

In an exciting leap forward, TeraRecon is wrapping development of our Intuition AI Adapter and bringing the best of premium AI algorithms - whether created by 3rd party providers or TeraRecon - directly within your Intuition workflow. Imagine opening your next study to find the segmentation complete, AI results identified, and a full toolset ready for your investigation.

The Intuition AI Adapter allows communication between your existing Intuition system and the EnvoyAI Platform to ingest algorithm results and deliver an advanced starting point with new insights and less pre-work. Stay tuned to TeraRecon emails, social media, and our website to take advantage of this free adapter for all customers under current maintenance.

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