Delivering Real AI to Change Healthcare for the Better

September 8, 2020


The AI hype cycle in healthcare needs to be viewed through the lens of patient care and responsibility. It’s not just about the technology but the level of care individuals should receive when they go to the hospital. That said, no real progress will ever be made in our healthcare market and in AI if it isn't technology-based. There must be some real that you can point to.

One of the things that we feel is very important, is to deliver on a vision with real technology, real product. We often talk in the marketplace about real AI but there’s a lot of AI that isn't real because it was created too quickly. And if it's overfitting, it can solve the problem, you can point to it, you can show how great it is, but the real-world experience of that solution, may not actually do any good.

In healthcare, we have an absolute requirement and a moral responsibility to make sure that we're not doing any harm. That any new version must be better than the old, and it must do what makes physicians more confident in their diagnosis. That's a very different type of responsibility. That's real AI. That's the kind of technology that even if it takes some settling in to solve the problem, the agility by which you can solve problems and the scope of problems you can solve is remarkably bigger.

Delivering on the Promise of AI

If you build real AI based on real technology, then actually your biggest problem is to pick what problem you want to solve and then focus on it. That’s ideal in healthcare because currently, we are awash in data and problems that we need to solve. The real trick is to create very narrow solutions that solve exactly the right problem and do it on a platform that can be applied to many different use cases.

When you think about why AI is transformative and why there's so much excitement around it, you think about how there must be some validity to the hype. But it takes more than enthusiasm. What it takes is the technology that delivers on the promise and that's what we've done. We've built the interoperability platforms that will deliver just that.

We are a company that is building products that will change healthcare for the better. We’ve built whole new offices, processes, and products on new tech stacks because that is where the industry is headed and what customers are looking for. We are a trusted, industry name working on real innovation and we’ve found a way for our technology to be:

  • Easy to implement
  • Used by everyone
  • Brought into the surgical suite
  • Nearly button free
  • Completely experiential
  • User-friendly
  • Web-based

We will continue to take our customers forward as we move into a new era and deliver high impact solutions in very focused and meaningful ways.

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