AI Visualization: the Future of AI and Radiology

August 26, 2020



Why we believe AI is the future

When you look at our entire 20-year history, we've gone from workstations to servers to workflow automation and templates. To us, artificial intelligence is just a natural extension of what we've always done. It's not about the hype cycle of AI but rather the practical application of imaging insights and healthcare today. Since 80% of patient encounters in telemedicine include imaging, you can imagine the impact we can make by handling, processing, and consuming image results in a new and insightful way.

How is AI Poised to Help Physicians?

What do physicians really need when it comes to imaging? They need actionable insights from the images. While our long history was been in building these advanced tools, the problem has always been finding a way to best put those insights into the everyday clinical workflow.

Image Acquisition

When we think about the workflow, we first look at the scanner that's doing an acquisition and how that acquisition could be improved with artificial intelligence. There are many algorithms focused on optimizing acquisition protocols or applying AI to the resulting images, but they needed a way for physicians to interact with them and engage downstream. Unfortunately, those results are not always supported by the PACS and that is where we saw a big opportunity and need for the technology we've built.

Image Reporting

After we examined the acquisition side, we then looked at the reporting. Right now, downstream physicians receive a very simple report with text information about the final diagnosis. But the future value of all those insights and all the great things we can gather from those images , are often not included in the reports. That additional information is considered either minor findings, secondary findings, or they're not stored anywhere.

AI Visualization

We realized that there is a much better way to work with these advanced tools in everyday radiology interpretation workflows. This new way of working is called AI-driven visualization, where we can take these new technologies and put them into the workflow, whether they're our own or a partner's, to create an end-to-end workflow.

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