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Investing in a Strategy to Bring AI to the Radiologist

September 1, 2020


One of the main reasons that TeraRecon became a pioneer and is now able to enjoy this fantastic journey in artificial intelligence is because of our domain expertise. Many companies who understand computer vision don't necessarily understand the clinical requirements, the clinical use cases, and haven't had a history in extracting the important data from images that we’ve been able to. We have always been dedicated to making investments in engineering, product development, and now even in the processes with which we develop new solutions.

The Need for an End-to-End Workflow

How can we take all these different types of image processing algorithms from different companies and make them work in one place, across that whole spectrum of value points; from the scanner to the reporting solution to the downstream physician?

At TeraRecon, we have five different teams across the globe that each specialize in different areas:

  • The interoperability connection between the PACS, reporting, and the third-party algorithm
  • The viewing component
  • The deep clinical image analysis, computer vision, and AI-based algorithms.

Each of our different teams work together to deliver cutting edge work and create best of breed solutions so that we can so that we can combine our own algorithms with algorithms from other companies and deliver an end-to-end AI solutions to the clinician for better patient outcomes.

Bridging the Gaps and Delivering Better Patient Care

As we perfect our technologies, we look at how products can impact humanity. The best way to avoid costs and save lives is to prevent disease, not to treat it. To do that will require bringing automation to the radiologist and the ability to apply this new kind of image science with more patients. Our on-going pursuit is to bridge the gap between the clinical and research worlds in a way that can speed up development and provide a faster time to patient care.

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